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   Area resources with on-line presence -  

Lake Sunapee Living.com -  Outstanding resource for a variety of  current four-season attractions in our neighborhood, including art, cultural involvement, entertainment, recreation, shopping and dining. This is a feature-rich site that will keep you occupied.

Claremont’s Local News is Back! e-Ticker News of Claremont provides local Claremont news conveniently delivered to your inbox weekly, free and in full color!

Sunapee News - News, features and events calendar blog for the Sunapee area, published by Catherine Bushueff.

Concord Monitor - State-wide daily newspaper based in Concord

Union Leader - State-wide daily newspaper based in Manchester

Intertown Record - Lake Sunapee area newspaper based in North Sutton with online access limited to pdf downloads of the front page, calendar and classifieds, but still very worthwhile!

Of particular interest is the newsletter. Jeff Feingold does a terrific job of selecting business-related headlines from news organizations around the state, and sending his compilation to subscribers every day. The articles are easy reading,  always interesting, and FREE! Sign up here

- Regional quarterly magazine

New Hampshire Magazine - State-wide monthly magazine

- State-wide online. Started in 1995, NH.com is wide-ranging and includes a business directory, activities calendar, dining and travel articles. It is produced by The Telegraph, a daily newspaper for Nashua and the Southern Merrimack Valley Region. Network Partners include New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Business Review, Parenting New Hampshire, NHEvents.com and the Cabinet Press weekly newspaper publications.

NHPTV New Hampshire Public Television

VTP Vermont Public Television

WMUR - State-wide commercial television 

National Public Radio

NHPR (New Hampshire Public Radio) - talk (Listen live)

VPR (Vermont Public Radio) - talk, music and variety (Listen live)

WNTK - New London, NH - Commercial talk radio - (Listen live)

Official State of New Hampshire Web site     

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Americans pay more than anyone else in the world for Internet connections, and we are ranked 15th in the world for the speed of those connections. Find your connection speed here.


  State House Roll Call - See which New Hampshire Senators and Representatives voted "nay," "yae,"  "not voting/excused" and "not voting/not excused" on Senate and House bills from the most recent session and the past 10 years.


   Factcheck.org is a nonpartisan, nonprofit "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases." It is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. They do not accept funding from business corporations, labor unions, political parties, lobbying organizations or individuals.


Yahoo! contributes a significant portion of its advertising revenue to the American Cancer Society when you use Searchtofight to find anything on the Web. Just click on any ad on the search results page.  No need to buy anything or go to the advertiser's site. 


  Consumers Union - One of the few organizations in Washington that advocates for you and me.

Safe Patient Project Hear Us Now
Defend Your Dollars! Not in My Food



  Of course you know you can donate just about anything to Goodwill, but did you know they will take your old computers (including hard drives) and peripherals at no charge? You can get a receipt for your donations, too. They advise you to make sure there's nothing on the drives, or at least no personal information. Closest stores to the Lake Sunapee area are:

Concord Goodwill Retail Store
204 Loudon Road, Concord, NH 03301

Laconia Goodwill Retail Store
22 Pleasant Street, Laconia, NH 03246


Today's New Hampshire air quality, and forecasts 

Air quality and climate change issues are of particular concern for New Englanders due to our unique geographic location and setting, directly downwind of major US urban and industrial centers.

Current and forecast from AIRNow

                          Map and real-time monitor from NHDES


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