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Ken Schuster
July 30, 2008

Selectman's meetings minutes here.

Farewell, and Hello

    After 185 years, the last issue of the Argus-Champion ran off the press today (July 30, 2008). 

    I started my Argus subscription about six years ago. During that time, I saw it slowly change for the better. Jana Marx became the editor, about two years ago, and she turbo-charged it into perfection. I was impressed and began writing the Newbury Town News last summer. I really hate to see it go.

    BUT... our planet exists on the principle of "adapt or perish." Soften that edge with a good measure of "accentuate the positive," and an armful of technology, and you brew the philosophy, "as one door closes, another opens." And here we are.

    According to the publisher, the Argus was defeated by skyrocketing costs that flew off the charts in a matter of a few months. Obviously, and other on-line publishing is not affected by that, but we are dependent on the Internet. 

    Northern New England had been largely ignored by Verizon, and now its successor, FairPoint, appears to be not up to the task that they said they would undertake. Put that in context with the US at the bottom of industrialized nations (and some Third World countries), that have embraced the technology invented by Americans.


    Perhaps after a few more New Hampshire newspapers publish their last issues, our representatives will realize that the very medium they depend on is drying up, and there's no high speed Internet to replace it.

Onlookers watch balloon fill with hot air at the Hillsborough Balloon Festival and Fair, July 12.

Cars open wide for inspection at 10th Annual NH Lions Club car show at Mt. Sunapee Resort, June 29.

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