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Patricia "Ricia" McMahon
State Representative District 3

July, 2008

Representative McMahon is a member of the House Executive Department & Administration Committee, and represents the towns of Newbury and Sutton.

To: Gary Budd, James Powell and Richard Wright

Thank you for the leadership you provide and for support of my efforts during this legislative session (2007-2008). It is a pleasure to work with you on matters that directly impact Newbury, our beautiful region and our state. You are aware of the many issues addressed by the legislature and take the initiative to share your thoughts as well as concerns and ideas to address the challenges that we face in New Hampshire. 

You have my gratitude for your "Letter to the Editor." Kind words from the Newbury Board of Selectmen are especially appreciated. Efforts to improve the lives of our citizens are rarely noticed by most in our community before implementation. The outcome of our work is not always apparent beyond the state capitol. Sometimes our achievement is simply to avoid changes that could negatively impact our citizens. So when progress is made and then noticed by our colleagues, neighbors and friends it provides another impetus to continue to diligently serve our residents. 

Assuring the financial health of the New Hampshire Retirement System will have a positive impact on the security of public employees and will also benefit the tax payers of our municipalities, large and small. It was an honor to take the lead on such an important measure that has long term implications for Merrimack County and New Hampshire. 

    As your State Representative it brings great satisfaction to work to solve local problems or support community projects that benefit Newbury residents, whether year round or summer members of the community. I greatly appreciate your inspiration, support and encouragement. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way. 

Again, thank you for the complimentary letter to the editor and also for the cordial invitation to Old Home Day. Because of a family wedding I will not be on hand for this annual Newbury event but I look forward to the 2009 festivities. Best wishes for a great Old Home Day!

Ricia McMahon, NH State Representative Phone: 603-927-4705

Merrimack #3, Newbury ~ Sutton 

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