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Patricia "Ricia" McMahon
State Representative, District 3

June 26, 2009

Representative McMahon is a member of the House Executive Department & Administration Committee, and represents the towns of Newbury and Sutton.

Over 80 citizens from the Kearsarge area turned out to discuss the future of Wadleigh State Park. Steve Enroth, chair of the North Sutton Improvement Society (NSIS) convened the meeting which in addition to representatives of NSIS, Friends of Wadleigh State Park, Kezar Lake Protective Association, Musterfield Farm, Sutton Ballfield Group, the three Sutton Board of Selectmen, business owners, law enforcement, school personnel, conservation and recreation enthusiasts also were in attendance.

Discussions included a report that provided a history of Wadleigh State Park, the beloved, beautiful local recreation area. 

The agenda included an update on the status and origins of the Advisory Commission to study the State Park System created in 2005 by Senate Bill 5 which now has resulted in a "DRAFT" Strategic Plan with its recommendations by the NH Division of Parks and Recreation. 

The "draft" plan states that "New Hampshire is the only state in the nation that attempts to fund its parks exclusively with the revenues earned at the facilities, and it has produced a systemic operating deficit." Because of the "self funded" concept created in 1991 by the state, many of our parks, historic sites and recreational areas are now vulnerable in 2009-11.

This "draft" plan listed Wadleigh State Park as a Categoy C site which "do not meet the core criteria or fall suficiently short in one or more of the criterion so as to render the capability of meeting it unsustainable." The draft Strategic Plan can be viewed here in pdf form.

State Representive Ricia McMahon (Newbury - Sutton) briefed the attendees at the North Sutton Chuch/Meeting House on the public meeting held this past Tuesday. She reported that Ted Austen, Director of Parks and Dick Ober, Chair of the Advisory Council addressed those attendees in Peterborough. This was the last of four sessions held to answer questions about the plan developed by the Advisory Council and the NH Division of Parks and Recreation as directed by SB 5 initiatied by Senator Bob Odell (Lempster) who also served as Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council. Comments in Peterborough by the public strongly indicated that the plan by the NH Division of Parks and Recreation was not satisfactory.

The public was told to submit their ideas and suggestions re the "draft" plan for the parks by July 11, 2009.

Public comments must be e-mailed to: OR Fax: (603)271-2629

OR mailed and postmarked by July 11, 2009 to: 

Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED)
Attn. Commissioner Bald 
Division of Parks and Recreation
State of New Hampshire
172 Pembroke Road
P.O. Box 1856 
Concord, NH 03302-1856

George Bald, Commissioner
Tel: (603)271-23553

Please send a copy to State Rep Ricia McMahon who would appreciate also learning about your ideas and comments.
mail: PO Box 95 N Sutton NH 03260

Ricia McMahon
State Representative, Merrimack County District 3
Newbury and Sutton

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