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Marie Lozito

December 19, 2010

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she decided to run for an elected office in 2010. 



An accumulation of thoughts about a few different topics.

Governor Mike Huckabee said, "If we want to keep our nation's secrets 'secret' store them where President Obama stores his college transcripts and birth certificate." (No matter what your opinion is about Julian Assang and WikiLeaks, you have to admit this comment was funny.)

You probably didn't notice that over 70 domains were seized and shut down by Homeland Security, primarily file-sharing sites. Torrent Freak reports that the domains were shut down with no warning to the owners of the sites. Just a few weeks ago an entire server, hosting around 73,000 blogs, was shut down with only a hazy reference to some security risk in those blogs. But they didn't shut down WikiLeaks before the latest release. Interesting isn't it?

German economist Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group III on Mitigation of Climate Change, has openly admitted that "climate change policy is redistributing the world's wealth." Simply put, it's about creating more socialism. (Socialism is just 'communism lite'.) "The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property."-Karl Marx. Socialism and capitalism can not coexist in the same society. Capitalism works, socialism doesn't look at Europe!

The November election was a resounding defeat of the Progressive's socialist ideas and expressed the American public's desire to stop any further socialization of America. The only Constitutional way to establish new laws is through Congress. The Progressives, realizing that they will probably not be able to do this after the new Congress is seated in January, are finding ways to go around the Constitution. They are working to bypass Congress, and the Constitution, by pushing their agenda forward through the bureaucracies. The unelected bureaucrats (and the 41 'czars') in the many Federal agencies simply create new rules! ("For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him."-Karl Marx) Simple, neat, clean, no fussing with Legislatures or public discussion needed. Don't believe me? Try looking at just a couple of facts:

  • Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the FCC, stated that he had developed a new plan to impose so-called "net neutrality" rules on Internet service providers, and set a vote on the issue for December 21. (That is an FCC vote not a Congressional vote.) He indicated that the plan was based on a legislative proposal already rejected by the current liberal Congress.

  • $65 billion dollars has been transferred to fund the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). RGGI is a government created entity that, in the name of the saving the environment, is imposing huge tax increases in the northeast. (Read that as huge increases in your cost.) The plan is for RGGI to expand to every state. (No need to discuss or debate a cap and trade bill.)


  • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced a public service campaign against 'epidemic' cell phone use and texting on the road. He discussed government mandating cell phone scramblers in automobiles. He stated, "I think the technology is there and I think you're going to see the technology become adaptable in automobiles to disable these cell phones."... "There's a lot of technology out there now that can disable phones, and we're looking at that."

  • There is open discussion of expanding the TSA's unconstitutional and invasive body scans and enhanced pat-downs (that security experts admit is ineffective and inefficient) to passengers on trains and boats.

Speaking of the TSA, what do you think about Janet Napolitano's brilliant idea of 588 Walmart stores (in 27 states) having cameras and the "If you see something, say something" video playing? It would be nice if she actually did something effective in stopping terrorism like intelligent security at airports, securing the borders, paying closer attention to the FBI watch list, etc.

The Ground Zero Mosque: The developers of the mosque (now being called Park51) have run out of money and owe more than $200,000 in back taxes. One would think that ends the controversy but it doesn't. They are applying for a $5 million federal grant.

The Assistant Director for National Security in the Congressional Budget Office, Cindy Williams, wrote a piece for the Washington Times. She said the pay raises due to service members this year was more than they deserve. She stated a 13% wage increase was excessive. I say that our service members deserve much better than they are getting. That their families qualify for food stamps, that they volunteer to serve knowing that they might well pay with their life, that they frequently serve living in conditions she would never tolerate, that they are paid FAR LESS (try 50-80% less) than civilians in the same line of work all point to the fact that she is wrong. In my opinion, she has no business dealing with anything concerning our amazing troops nor in national security!

A tax lesson from John Kennedy, the father of the modern Democrat party: "A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget.... As the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues. Prosperity is the real way to balance our budget. By lowering tax rates, by increasing jobs and income, we can expand tax revenues and finally bring our budget into balance." Indeed, tax reductions in past administrations have resulted in tax revenue increases.

Congratulations to the Senate Democrats and Republicans who prevented the Omnibus Bill from passing with over 6,000 earmarks for over $8 billion included in it!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that 2011 will be a Happy New Year for all! 



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