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Marie Lozito

December 4, 2010

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she decided to run for an elected office in 2010. 


Miscellaneous Musings

An accumulation of thoughts about a few different topics.

A season for giving:

  • Giving shouldn't just be seasonal.

  • Charity is a virtue that should be practiced by everyone who can afford to practice it.

  • 'Charity' is when I reach into my pocket and voluntarily give to another person or group that has a need. It is a virtue and a good thing.

  • If someone else reaches into my pocket and takes from it to use, or to give to another for any reason, that is not charity. That is theft. (Doesn't matter if it's an individual or the government doing the taking. It is my property, I earned it, and they are involuntarily taking it from me.)

  • Americans are demonstrably the most generous people in the world.

  • The Constitution makes no provision for the federal government to take money from the people to either 'redistribute the wealth' or to create a welfare state.

  • Our amazing veterans have given so much! God bless them all! We can never repay them for all they have done for us, what they have sacrificed. Many of our veterans and their families are in need. (My favorite charity to help them is Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.) Want to help Santa give to our senior NH veterans? NHVH Resident Benefit Christmas Fund, 139 Winter St., Tilton, NH 03276.

Extending the "Bush tax cuts":

  • The conversation is not about tax cuts at all. It's about having tax increases or not.

  • The largest portion of Federal income taxes in this country are paid by the 'wealthy' already.  

  • In 2009, 50% of Americans had no federal income tax burden at all. (That is, I think, a scary piece of information!)

  • The top 5% of income earners paid 60% of the income taxes. That means 45% of us paid only 40% of the taxes paid. (It seems to me that the 'wealthy' are paying more than their 'fair share' already.)

  • The biggest creator of jobs in America is small businesses.

  • The majority of small businesses file federal taxes using a special schedule in their personal income tax form. Most of them make more than $250,000/year.

  • In this poor economy, increasing the taxes on small businesses will make the difference for many of them between staying open or closing down. Closing more small businesses means more unemployment. (Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.)

  • What about the 45 millionaires who say they should give more money to the government? Great! Do it. There is absolutely nothing to stop them from giving all they want to give.

Our Federal government is supposed to guarantee that every citizen is treated equally under the law and that that no group or individual is selected for special treatment (either good or bad). So, can anyone explain to me what is 'fair' or 'equal' in selecting the people who make the most money and punishing them by taking a larger percentage of their property? Also, can anyone explain to me how it is supposed to help the economy if the people who run businesses and hire people have less money to do either?


The proposed Federal "pay freeze":

  • The pay level for most Federal jobs now is 40% (or more) than what is earned for the same job in the private sector, with many jobs paying twice the private pay rate. (Why?)

  • The vast majority of jobs 'created or saved' in the past couple of years have been federal government jobs. (High pay rate, great benefits and it's all on the taxpayers' dollar.)

  • The “pay freeze” only stops the cost of living increases. It does not stop pay grade increases nor step increases within the grade. Many of these increases hinge on longevity. (Stay on the job, you'll get more money.)

  • The freeze locks-in the high pay rates now in use. (Oops! That's not such a good idea!)


"Quantitative Easing 2":

  • Traditionally, our paper money had value because there were precious metal holdings to back it. (The Treasury actually held onto the physical gold or silver to back our money.)

  • If you print more paper money but do not increase the precious metal holdings to back it up, each dollar is worth less than it was before that printing. (It's simple division.)

  • The US Treasury has not been increasing the precious metal holdings as the Federal Reserve has been ordering more paper money to be printed. Therefore, each dollar you have is worth less and less every time more money is printed. This loss of value shows up as inflation - meaning it will require more of the less valuable money to purchase the same item. 

  • Now the Federal Reserve has ordered another printing, even bigger than the last printing. So, as the Federal Reserve follows its stated policy of "controlled inflation", our money will be worth even less, and be able to purchase even less. Thanks a lot Mr. Bernacke!



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