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Marie Lozito

October 28, 2011

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010. 


What caused the problems?

My dad was a very wise and practical man. To this day I believe he was one of the best, if not the best, man I have ever met. Among the many things he taught me is how to look at and deal with problems. Problems do not magically appear out of nothingness. When you see a problem it is the end result of a few, or several, things that set the stage for the problem to appear. These things made the problem possible. An analogy would be a flower. Before you can see a flower, the seed or bulb, roots, stem and leaves have to be developed and nourished by the earth, water and sun. 

If you want to effectively deal with a problem, you need to look for the things that made it possible. Don't just try to fix the visible problem. Analyze the root causes and what you can do to fix them. Figure out what possible actions you can take and the probable reactions to your actions. Think ahead about how you will handle the reactions and have alternate plans in case your initial attempts to fix the problem don't work or backfire.

America has problems, serious liberty threatening problems. The American way of life, this grand experiment in self-governance, may fail. This beacon of light and hope in a world where there is so much oppression and misery may be extinguished.

The people of America know the country is in trouble. There is discontent and unrest on both the political left and right. People are blaming: the debt, the spending, the bankers and/or Wall Street. Are they problems? Yes. But they are not the roots or seeds of our problems. Americans need to work on both fixing the problems and rooting out the causes for the problems, or problems will keep cropping up in one form or another.

I think that lack of a proper education is one of the roots of the current problems. For decades Americans have not been well educated in philosophy, logic or history – especially American history. As far as American history goes, students usually get taught a few dates and names. Lucky students actually learn a little about the Constitution. I don't know of any school that teaches about the founding principals. In fact, liberal instructors all too often teach students the opposite of our founding principles. This is a great shame and definitely one of the root causes for the decades of misdirection in American government.

Over 30 years ago when my daughter was in 4th grade, she came home from school one day and told me that they had been learning all about a great new system of government. “Mom, it's really good.” she said. So I asked her to tell me about it. She proceeded to tell me it's called Communism and that nobody goes hungry, everyone has a home and everybody shares what they have with everybody else. It took about 10 minutes for her to tell me all that she had learned. Her teacher had taught the entire class all about the ideals of Communism but very carefully left out any mention of the short-falls and failures of that system. When my daughter finished, I agreed that it sounded like a great system and added that it's too bad that it will never work. She wanted to know why and I proceeded to tell her that Communism will never work with human nature. Then I used examples of how it would apply to people whose personalities she already knew. It didn't take long for her to see why it does not and can not work in practice. How many of this teacher's students were left with the erroneous impression that Communism was a good system?

During the last presidential campaign, I was having a conversation with a client and his daughter when an Obama commercial came on the TV. I said to my client, “That is a scary man.” He agreed but his daughter didn't understand and asked why I thought that. I told her “It's because he truly believes in big government, big bureaucracy, big spending and redistributing the wealth.” That obviously went over her head, so I explained by using an example. I knew she was a good student and worked hard at getting good grades. I asked, and she proudly told me her math grade was 90. “Is anyone in the class failing?” She named a boy who she said doesn't do his homework or pay attention in class and only had a grade of 50. I replied, “He's failing, that's bad. We should do something about that shouldn't we?” She agreed it was bad and something should be done. “Let's think about that...what can we do to make him pass math? I know! We can take 20 points off your average and give it to him. That way you still pass with a 70 and he will pass with a 70 and everything will be fine!” You had to see her literally recoil in horror at the idea of taking her hard earned 20 points and giving it to this boy who did nothing to earn them. Once she recovered from the shock of that idea, I told her, “That is just what Obama wants to do with your father's money and my money. That's why I think he is a scary man.”

Communism is a theory of government in which there is no private property, goods are owned in common, available to all as needed and distributed equitably. It requires a strong, controlling government which owns the means of production. Allegedly, the aim is for the government to wither away and leave a stateless society. Socialism is a stage in the Marxist theory of communism. A stage between capitalism and the stateless society. There are several theories of socialism but all of them include the “collective” or government ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. They all aim for a society in which there is no private property.

It doesn't take much effort to look and see the long term effects of communism and socialism in other countries. The social and financial failures of communism in the USSR, China, Cuba, and other communist countries are an obvious part of the past century's history. The current financial and social implosion in Europe is directly due to the “democratic socialism” they have been practicing. America is racing down the road toward socialism, and that is a major cause of our problems. Americans need to remember and understand our founding principles: liberty, equality, natural rights, consent of the governed, religious freedom, private property, rule of law, constitutionalism, self-government and independence. If we don't, the problems will never be fixed



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