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Marie Lozito

October 22, 2011

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010. 


Unhappy with America's Direction

I'd like to thank those of you who expressed concern when I didn't have a column last week. I am fine, thank you. I just had an extremely busy week and didn't have time to research and write an article. The other day I was asked what I thought about Occupy Wall Street (OWS), so this column is mostly about that.

To begin with I find it very interesting as to what the media bothers to report. Every year there is a March For Life demonstration in Washington D.C. There are routinely over 250,000 people that attend the demonstration. This year there were over 400,000 people who attended. Got that? Over 400 thousand people attended a one day demonstration in a specific location supporting a specific purpose. The media reported almost nothing about it. Now we have less than 50,000 people in multiple locations for a prolonged period of time with mixed messages/purposes and we hear about it all the time. Could the difference in news worthiness have anything to do with being a conservative message versus a liberal message?

In this country, unlike so many others, every person has the right to Freedom of Speech. Short of outrageous abuse, such as yelling “FIRE” in a crowded auditorium, every person has the Constitutionally protected right to express his thoughts and opinions. This right is only limited by the fact that the person can not infringe on another person's rights. I have every right to say what I think and you have every right to say what you think. We can debate or argue about things, or even just ignore each other, but neither one of us has the right to shout down the other person or to use any other method to prevent that person from expressing his opinion.

I find the comparison to the Tea Party interesting. There actually is a similarity. The Tea Party demonstrators are involved because they are unhappy with what is happening in America and the direction America is heading. The OWS people are involved because they are unhappy with what is happening in America and the direction America is heading. Unfortunately, that is where the similarity seems to end.

The Tea Partiers arrived, obtained all applicable permits, paid all fees, obeyed all local laws regarding demonstrations, respected private property, argued against big government policies that created the problems we are having, cleaned up their trash, paid their bills (i.e. electric) and peacefully went home.

The OWSers sometimes obtain permits and sometimes don't. I assume the ones that bother to obtain permits do pay the fees. Frequently they are disrespecting private property and local laws, blocking traffic and sidewalks, having conflicts with police, not paying for the electricity they use, etc.

In New York City, the OWSers have been occupying Zuccotti park (a privately owned piece of land) without permission – and have created sanitation and hygiene problems. (Urinating in public is really not acceptable!) Businesses in the vicinity are suffering because people are afraid to go there. The OWSers' message is not uniform nor consistent. It seems as if most of them don't know why they are there, or at least can't coherently express why they are there. They are just not happy with what is happening in America and this is the thing to do.

If you didn't follow what was going on for years in America, it is not obvious what has happened and why we have the problems that we have today. It is very easy for the demonstrators to be led into blaming Wall Street for the crisis we have today. The greed of some on Wall Street is only a symptom, not the cause of the problem. The sub-prime mortgages that bankers made is a symptom, not the cause of the problem. Out-of-control bailouts and corporate subsidies are symptoms. Nothing will ever be fixed by just attacking the symptoms. To effectively fix a problem, you have to get at the root cause(s)!

So what are the root causes? The primary cause is decades of corrupt politicians from both parties who ignored the Constitution they swore to protect when they took office in Washington, D.C. Politicians who took power from the people by creating a huge, inefficient, overly intrusive Federal government with many powerful unelected, unaccountable and frequently anonymous bureaucrats. Politicians who do not understand the working of the Free Market. Many politicians, as well as other Americans, are products of a liberal education system that teaches the “evils” of capitalism and the fairytale ending of living “happily ever after” under a socialist (or communist) system.

It is the liberal, socialist policies the politicians enacted and their corrupt crony-ism that have created the current economic woes and planted the seeds for worse times yet to come. There are far too many of these for me to list here. Some policies directly responsible for today's economic problems would be: FDR's Fannie Mae in 1938 – part of the New Deal – a well intentioned (aren't all socialist plans well intentioned?) but unfortunate involvement of the Federal government in the housing and mortgage market; the Community Reinvestment Act under Jimmy Carter – another well intentioned act – that had the effect of forcing banks to make more risky loans in low and middle income neighborhoods; Bill Clinton's Affordable Housing Act that pushed for low or no down-payment and “creative” ways for buyers with shaky finances and incomes to buy homes. Can anyone say sub-prime mortgage crisis in the making? Beside the bad policies there are the all too numerous crony bailouts – all on taxpayers dollars!

The solution for our problems is not in destroying corporations or Wall Street, not in more government spending or bigger government. The government has no proper business choosing what companies should succeed or fail (by using our money to try to affect the outcome). TARP was a mistake, the stimulus was a bigger mistake and a waste of tax dollars. This new “jobs bill” is a farce! If you keep doing the same thing you have always done, you will always get the same result you have always gotten.

Tea Partiers and OWSers are both right. America is headed in the wrong direction. OWSers need to think and analyze the problem better – stop attacking the symptoms. 



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