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Marie Lozito

September 16, 2012

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions.

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010.


Simply Incompatible

There are simply some things that cannot co-exist together. Each thing can exist and survive on its own but if you put them together, one or both will cease to exist. It’s sort of like putting matter and anti-matter together. They destroy each other. Another analogy would be having a snake and a mouse. In separate cages they both survive, but put them together and that mouse is going to be a meal.

We have this type of situation in America now. There are two forms of governing and societal structures that are currently competing for supremacy in the United States. They cannot function and survive in the same place. They are incompatible.

On the one hand we have the country as it was established by our Founding Fathers. This system of governing believes that each person should have the maximum freedom to live his/her life as desired. A certain amount of centralized government is needed to do things like defend the United States, keep interstate commerce moving smoothly without individual states imposing tariffs on other states, and to maintain a unified monetary system so that each state does not have its own separate form of currency. There should be no more government than is required to do the necessary things. What the centralized government, the Federal government, was allowed to own was even restricted in order to protect the individual’s right to own personal property.

In this form of government, the individual is the one with the power and the rights. The individuals in an area give certain powers to their local government, fewer powers are then given to their state government and the fewest powers are given to the Federal government. The Federal government has a written Constitution which defines and limits its powers and authority. One of the first Congress’s acts was to offer the Bill of Rights as a Constitutional amendment to further insure that the Federal government would not be able to usurp powers from the states and infringe on the people’s God-given rights. The individual is free to do and act as desired as long as these actions do not infringe upon another individual’s rights and freedoms.

This form of government encourages each person to be self-reliant and self-responsible. It encourages every person to be what they want to be, to attain their own personal goals. Individuals are able to strive to be all they are capable of being. Entrepreneurs are able to profit from their hard work and risk-taking by working in a free market system. This in turn helps everyone in the society by improving the quality of life and the general financial standing throughout the society.

On the other hand, we have a system of government that requires a strong central government. Different forms of this government system exist – dictatorship, communism, fascism and socialism being well known varieties. In America, the socialist system has been developing over the past century, especially over the past 50 years.

This system requires the supremacy of the centralized government. The individual is only valuable if he/she is useful to the government. There are no God-given rights for the individual. Self-reliance is downplayed and dependence on the Federal government is encouraged. Why? Because a person who is dependent on the Federal government is much less likely to object to Federal overreach in their life. Self-responsibility is diminished. Right or wrong behavior becomes relative as there are excuses for almost any behavior.

How about encouraging a person to be all they can be? This system doesn’t want you to be exceptional. You should be like everyone else. It’s very important that you shouldn’t have any more than anyone else. This system needs to force equality. (Only the rulers are excluded from this requirement.)

How about the entrepreneurs? The more socialism, the less entrepreneurship. Rules and regulations issued by the strong centralized government severely restrict the ability to start or expand a business. Bureaucracies dominate in socialist states because the bureaucrats have great power but consist of nameless, faceless people. Bureaucracies are ideal for imposing the rules and regulations needed to control the citizens. (Already in America the rules and regulations controlling almost every aspect of our lives are so complex, and in some cases contradictory, as to be unknowable by the average person!)

Usually this type of government gains power by lying about what they are doing and increasing the dependency on the government. The socialist system, which has been developing for so many years, talks about "helping" people. But it is not helping people to stand on their own feet and run their own lives. It is "helping" the people to be less and less responsible, to be more and more dependent on the government, and for government to be involved and controlling all areas of our lives.

These two systems cannot survive together in the same place. One or the other has to die. This year American citizens have the amazing opportunity of choosing which lives and which dies. We can choose, do we continue down the same road we are heading down now, or, do we change direction and try to revive our former system? Do we continue on our present path and all sink into child-like dependency on an omnipotent Federal government, or do we peacefully revolt by voting out the liberal politicians steering us down this path? Do we continue to give all powers to an overreaching, controlling Federal government, or, do we reclaim our God-given rights and our power? Do we kneel at the Federal altar of worship, or do we stand up on our own feet and thank God that we live in America – the land of the free and home of the brave?



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