Marie Lozito

June 16, 2012

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions.

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010.


Most of us know that the unions and Democrat Party in Wisconsin forced a recall election for Governor Scott Walker. The Wisconsin government had enacted far-reaching reforms in an effort to balance the budget and prevent massive government lay-offs without raising taxes. The unions and liberals didn’t like the changes that were made by the government to prevent bankruptcy. They fought the charges and the politicians who made them. The Governor and the Republicans in the Legislature stood firm. Unable to force a change, the Democrat Party and the unions demanded a recall vote in an attempt to regain control of the government. 

DID YOU KNOW that Wisconsin actually had several recall elections on the same day? The voting was for six different offices – the Governor, Lt. Governor and four state Senators. Despite millions of dollars spent and much fanfare, the unions and the liberal Democrat Party lost all but one of the votes. (That vote was very close and is still being recounted at the time of this writing.) The Governor won by a larger percentage of votes than in his original election! It seems the good people of Wisconsin understand what “broke” and “bankrupt” mean better than the Democrat Party or the unions. This was the third showdown they forced in Wisconsin this past year. It’s also the third showdown they lost. 

DID YOU KNOW that California was voting on the same day? A state that has been run by Democrats for a long time and is in deep financial trouble, it also had a revolutionary vote. Two of the cities, San Diego and San Jose, had a vote about pension reform for government employees. A supermajority of voters in both cities (66% and 70%) approved pension reforms. It gives me hope that the realistic people in America are starting to understand that “progressive” policies are unaffordable in the long run. Progressivism/socialism will bankrupt our cities, states and country just as surely as it is bankrupting the countries of Europe.

DID YOU KNOW that the previous two Democrat led legislatures here in New Hampshire had raised over 100 taxes and fees and still had a large budget deficit in their last budget? Thanks to the Republican majority in both the House and the Senate that was elected in 2010, they have been able to close the budget deficit the previous Democrat legislature left us AND produce a realistic balanced budget while actually reducing many of the taxes and fees. The newly elected leaders were able to correct the largest budget crisis in the history of the state without raising taxes! There is still a lot of work for the Legislature to do to get our state back on solid financial ground. We need to keep the fiscally responsible people in charge! 

I think everyone is aware that our Federal government has both a “budget deficit” and a huge “national debt”. These are actually two related but separate financial problems our government is facing. The function of a budget is to guide spending. A good budget balances incoming funds with outgoing expenses. The House, the Senate and the President are all supposed to submit proposed budgets every year. They are then supposed to work together to make one budget that gets approved and guides the Federal government in its spending. 

DID YOU KNOW The Federal government isn’t even working with a budget? Congress keeps passing “continuing resolutions” to prevent the government from having to shut down. The Senate has not even proposed a budget in over three years. Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat) says it is “unnecessary”. Not one of President Obama’s (Democrat) proposed budgets has passed. In fact his last proposed budget was defeated unanimously – not even one person from his own party would vote for it! The Republicans in the House have proposed four budget plans – the Senate refuses to work with any of them. The Democrats in Washington have controlled the finances since 2007. George Bush’s last budget was for Fiscal Year 2009 but in an unusual turn of events President Obama is actually responsible for most of the spending for that year because of the stimulus the Democrats in Congress passed long after the budget was made.

Look at the source of most, if not all, of our fiscal problems - from the local level to the national level - you will find Progressives and Democrats there pushing their ideas and programs. While Republicans are far from innocent, the Democrats have the majority of the blame for the financial mess this country is in now. 

America’s economic system was created as a free market, capitalist system. It gave individuals the greatest freedom as well as the opportunity to create and to excel. Capitalism and the free market catapulted this nation into the position of being the wealthiest nation on earth and gave its citizens the highest living standards known to mankind. It is a model that emerging countries around the world are trying to copy. So why are our liberal politicians trying to make us more and more like Europe? Europe’s “democratic socialism” is just as destructive as any other form of socialism. 

Money spent by the government is money taken out of the economy! The American people don't want Washington to spend more; they want it to spend less. They don't want Washington to tax more; they want it to tax less. A recent Rasmussen poll showed that the majority of voters say that government spending has a negative impact and that tax cuts help the economy. They are absolutely correct!




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