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Marie Lozito

March 12, 2011

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010. 


Miscellaneous Musings

An accumulation of thoughts about a few different topics.

NH House majority leader, Rep. D.J. Bettencourt, issued a progress report on the work that has been done so far in the NH House. The House has already passed innumerable bills aimed at scaling back over-burdening licensure requirements, opposing unfunded mandates, eliminating welfare fraud, repealing the “evergreen” law, giving cities and towns the ability to cap their spending, and reducing taxes and fees. 

According to the majority leader, work on pension reform and a constitutional amendment for education funding is on-going with both the House and Senate committed to arriving at a resolution for both issues in the coming weeks. “We were left facing a nearly $1 Billion deficit by the Democrats and, while we cannot expect this problem to be solved overnight, we have worked extremely hard since November and we are confident that we are headed in the right direction.”...“The bottom line is that we have listened to the people of this state and we have remained focused on the issues that are important to them. We know that we still have a lot of work to be done, but we wanted to share with everyone where we stand at this point in the legislative session. We will continue to govern as we campaigned,” concluded Bettencourt.

Public union demonstrators in Wisconsin did 7.5 MILLION DOLLARS OF DAMAGE to the State Capitol building BEFORE mobbing the building on Wednesday night! How much more has that mob done now? Breaking windows and doors, tearing down statues, damaging walls and floors, hurting people – nothing but hysterical mob violence. It's one thing to demonstrate and object, it's a totally different thing to damage public or private property or to be violent.

Can you imagine if the right wing, such as the Tea Party, were to behave in the same manner that the union mobs have been doing? The criticism from the media would be deafening, but we hear almost no criticism of the left wing despite the deliberate aggressive attacks on non-demonstrators and the defacing of public property.

Collective bargaining by unions takes place very differently in government than it does in the private sector. Private-sector unions have competitors and bargain over the profits they help create. The government earns no profits. Government unions have a legal monopoly and bargain for a greater share of tax dollars. Collective bargaining in government means that voters’ elected representatives must agree on tax and spending decisions with union representatives. 

"The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service," Roosevelt wrote in 1937 to the National Federation of Federal Employees. “Yes, public workers may demand fair treatment,” wrote Roosevelt. But, he wrote, “I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place” in the public sector. "A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government."

For an easy to understand demonstration of how politicians, public sector unions and taxpayers relate with each other, go to

The demonstrators are chanting “this is Democracy” (referring to their demonstrating). Now you can see clearly why our Founding Fathers created a representative republic not a democracy. They didn't want mob rule running roughshod over everyone. The President wants to stop bullying? Maybe he should have his organization, Organizing for America, stop organizing the union demonstrations that are trying to bully the politicians and people of Wisconsin.

Did you know that the Obamacare bill contained mandated funding of $105 billion in “advance appropriations” which will be spent on Obamacare even if the congress defunds new spending on Obamacare? Just one more slick trick pulled off by the last Congress! These “advance appropriations” need to be specifically and separately defunded or else they get spent just as this bad law orders it. Pelosi was right, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it." It took almost a year to find and make public these mandated “advance appropriations”.

2007 was the last year that Republicans in Congress controlled the budget and spending. The Federal monthly deficit for this February was $223 billion. That is more than the annual deficit only four years ago in 2007 ($160.7 billion). That's what you get with liberal Democrats in control of Congress those four years! I don't know if they all are deliberately trying to destroy America financially or they just have no economic sense at all! Every one of us that runs a household or business knows that you can not continually spend more money than you have or than you bring in as income.

Now the Democrats in the Senate say they won't tolerate more than a six billion dollar cut in the budget – WHO ARE THEY KIDDING! It's time to get very serious!!! Heritage Foundation identified $343 Billion in cuts that could be done before even looking at entitlements. The GAO (Government Accountability Office) identified one to two hundred billion dollars of duplicative or wasteful services - they could be cut.

"Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate (A person with self-indulgent and extravagant expenditures) are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them."  - Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833



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