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Marie Lozito

February  11, 2012

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010. 


How it Works

It's important to know how liberals/progressives work to accomplish what they want to do. For instance, look at this recent violation of the Constitution by the government. We all know that the government is not supposed to be involved with religion and vice-a-versa. The separation of the two is the great rallying cry the liberals have used in forcing our society to stop public prayer, moments of contemplation and displays of any religious material – especially Christian displays. Now, suddenly, the government can order religions to do what the government wants – to insure for and cover the costs of birth control and abortions. Outrageous? Absolutely. How can they justify their actions? Using the same manipulative tricks they always use.

One of the tricks is re-framing the argument. In this case, the change is that they say they aren't interfering with religion (which they are), instead they twisted the issue to be that they are taking care of women's health rights. Never mind that no one is forced to practice any religion or work at any religious institution. Catholics are not chained to the pews in their churches. They can change religion or ignore the church's teachings if they choose to do so. Never mind that neither birth control nor abortions are very expensive or hard to get. Those facts just get ignored. Their claim that the issue is about protecting women's health rights is bogus but no conservatives call them out on this.

Another trick is offering a compromise. The pattern of Progressive behavior is that after they propose (or mandate) something horrible that raises a huge outcry, then they come up with a less offensive demand – the compromise. (Which usually is what they were hoping to accomplish in the first place.) Even though they deny it, I am sure the outcry from established religions is exactly what they expected. So after the outcry and outrage, the White House developed a compromise that they are calling “an accommodation”. They expect Conservatives to embrace the compromise with relief and be grateful that we have avoided the worse scenario, which is what we have done too often in the past. Meantime the Progressives have moved another step closer to what they want to accomplish, the Constitution is violated (yet again) and real liberty, the combination of individual freedom and responsibility for the consequences of your actions, suffers. The Progressives succeed, inflicting yet another cut in the attempt to destroy America by a “death by a thousand cuts”.

I think everyone realizes our Constitution, the only legitimate source of government power, has been under attack for decades. The Progressive approach to the Constitution (that of a “living Constitution” in which the meanings of words changes[another manipulative trick], finding “rights” in it that are never even alluded to, and, having liberal activist judges mis-interpret it and use foreign law in deciding cases) has eroded the effectiveness of this brilliant document. Despite how harmful that Progressive approach has been, I think the greatest threat to our Constitution is the Federal government's bureaucracy. A huge, unelected and unaccountable maze of agencies that administer the details of the vaguely worded laws passed by Congress and signed by the President. Over the past century, the Federal government has developed agency after agency and given every agency the power to make the rules that we have to obey. The growth of the Federal bureaucracy is one of the ways that the people loose their representative government, the Constitution is ignored and the Progressives move closer to their goal of a powerful, centralized, controlling government.

Sometimes these agencies are used to make changes that Progressives can't get Congress to approve. Things like: the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) enforcing Greenhouse Gas Rules that Congress refused to pass; the Treasury Dept. using the powers from TARP to bail out the auto industry after Congress refused to bail it out; or, the NLRB (National Labor Relation Board) taking states into court to stop anti-card-check legislation after union card- check legislation was defeated in Congress. 

Other times Congress isn't even in the picture. That's when agencies do things like: the NLRB taking Boeing to court over building a new factory in a different state, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) administrators deciding that airports and airlines would no longer be allowed to opt out and have private agencies do the security checks even though that is specifically allowed in the law, or, HHS (Health and Human Services) ordering churches and religious charities to have insurance for every female employee that will cover birth control and abortions despite the fact that it may violate fundamental principles of the religion.

If our representative democracy and individual liberty are to be be preserved, we need to understand how it is being destroyed. Part of what we need to do is elect representatives with the courage to dismantle and restrain the bureaucracy. People with strong principles, who understand the plain wording in the Constitution and realize that only by respecting the confinements on the Federal government as laid out by the Constitution will America remain a “land of the free”.

On a different subject, I'm sorry to see results of the “Arab Spring” going the way I expected. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you throw out an established hierarchy and do not replace it with a well thought out and constructed replacement (as the American Founders did), you end up with the most powerful person/group taking over. The new power-brokers make their own rules as they go. All too often these are violent and both liberty and the rule of law are thrown out the window. That's why after the French Revolution there was so much bloodshed. That's why, in Libya, a French career diplomat was taken in “for questioning” and a few hours later his body showed up at a hospital – with multiple abdominal and low back bruises, a deep cut the length of the sole on his foot and signs of “his toenails being removed”. That's why, in Egypt, they have arrested 44 individuals who worked for pro-democracy agencies. Agencies that have been operating in Egypt for the past 30 years. That's why non-Muslims are being slaughtered and their churches damaged or destroyed in the newly “liberated” Arab countries. It's sad that history is repeating itself yet again.


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