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Marie Lozito

January  29, 2012

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010. 


A Great Foundation

An immense problem I think America has now is how do we undo the damage that has been done to the country. Believe me, it is not just the damage done by President Obama and the Democrat controlled Senate, there are decades of incremental erosion to the basic principles of the American foundation. There are few Americans alive today who have not spent their whole lives in an altered America. 

For the past century the progressives, liberals, socialists and communists have slowly but steadily altered, ignored or otherwise damaged the principles upon which this country was created. (Obama was not joking when he said he wanted to fundamentally change the greatest society in history.) Sometimes the changes were made in good faith attempts to improve some problem and other times the changes were fueled by individuals or groups craving increased power or wealth and presented in a deceitful manner (i.e. the creation of the Federal Reserve which was pushed by a group of very wealthy private bankers seeking to control the American economy.)


What are the foundational principles of America?

Liberty. This is different from freedom. Liberty is the freedom to act combined with responsibility for those actions.

Equality. This was not fully incorporated at the start of the country but the seed was planted that made possible the improvements we have made and the attaining of equality for those other than white males. (The Founders, knowing full well that nothing is perfect, included the proper legal method for changing the Constitution in the document itself.)

Natural Rights. Rights that every individual has, that are not dependent on the laws, customs or beliefs of any particular culture or government and are, therefore, universal and inalienable.

Consent of the governed. Still a relatively new concept at the time of our founding!

Religious Freedom. That every individual has the right to meet and fulfill his sacred duties in the manner he chooses as long as that does not infringe upon the others freedom to worship or the public peace.

Private Property. That the individual has the right to own, use and dispose of his possessions at his will. That these possessions may not be readily taken from him by another (individual or government). That the individual has the right to keep and use the “fruits of his labors” - earned income, inheritance, profit from investment, etc.

The Rule of Law. That laws should be debated before being enacted and that these laws must be knownable by the people. That the enforcement of these laws should not be dependent upon an individuals financial status, personal connections or subject to any ruler's whims but be enforced equally.

Constitutionalism. That the Constitution of the United States was established as the supreme law of the land and as a contract with the people as to how the Federal government was to be structured and function.

Self-Government. This principle has two meanings. One is political self-government – that we govern ourselves as a political community. The second is moral self-government – that each individual is responsible for governing himself. The Founders believed that we could not govern ourselves as a body politic unless we could govern ourselves individually and as families and communities. (This is one reason why the “moral relativism” of the liberal mindset if so dangerous to our society.)

Independence. That the United States is an independent and sovereign country in its own self. That these United States, each of which is in itself a sovereign state, is not dependent upon another country.

At the Founding, and throughout the 1800s, Americans knew and understood these principles as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens in the greatest country ever created. Because of this, America flourished, the people prospered and technology advanced at a pace never before seen in the history of the world. All of the world has benefited from America's successes and advances.

Unfortunately, this past century far too many “educated” Americans have not learned these principles and do not understand their rights and responsibilities. Because of this, our Founding Principles have been ignored and liberals have been able to change our government and society bit by bit by bit. I believe that it is because of these gradual changes that our country has deteriorated to it's present sorry state. (It's a “death by a thousand cuts”.) Only by learning about our Founding Principles, and understanding them as well as their implications, and by remembering our responsibilities as citizens, not just our rights, will we be able to save this great country.


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