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Marie Lozito

January 23, 2011

Marie Lozito is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, mother, grandmother and life-long conservative. She wrote a text on medical massage and taught at New York College of Health Professions. 

Interested in, and observing politics since 1960, she ran for elected office in 2010. 


American Exceptionalism

Almost everyone recognizes the fundamental bravery, compassion and honor of the American people when challenged by war or tragedy. Times of great challenge for America often cause us to reexamine our nation’s policies and priorities, measuring them against the founding principles of our country. The response to the huge challenges facing our nation at this time has given birth to the Tea Party movement – a revival of interest in our Founding Principles and Constitution, and recognition of our “American Exceptionalism”.

This isn't a boast about our nation's wealth or power, not a statement of arrogance – that we are better than other countries. It's a remembering of what our Founding Fathers knew... that this new country with vast resources, a lack of a feudal past and our God-fearing puritan roots created the unique potential for the United States to thrive and prosper - to be an exception to the corruption and poverty other nations were (and are) plagued with.

We were the first country ever to be founded on the “self-evident truth” that individual rights come directly from God and that citizens lend that power to the state. In America, the individual is sovereign, not the government. This was a revolutionary break with all previous forms of government in the world. Our Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our Constitution places political authority in the hands of “We the People” and limits the powers of government. Our government structure and our policies were shaped by these unique concepts. A government that recognizes that the people have God-given rights is morally bound to protect those rights. The people need not fear that their government will arbitrarily take their life or liberty. Each individual can then pursue happiness and enjoy the “fruits of his labors”.

As Thomas Jefferson put it, “The mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God.” The only source of the legitimate powers of government is the consent of the governed. This is the cornerstone principle of American government, society, and independence.

Throughout history, political power was—and still is—often held by the strongest. Observing history will show that if a government considers rights are given to the people by God, it leads to freedom and prosperity. If a government believes that it gives the rights to the people, it leads to tyranny and poverty. America’s principles have created a prosperous and just nation unlike any other in history.

The fundamental right to acquire, possess, and sell property is the most practical means to pursue human happiness. This right, along with the free enterprise system that developed from it, is the source of prosperity and the foundation of economic liberty. The government intervening in the free exchange between individuals, the free market economic system or preventing one from enjoying the “fruits of his labors” is an infringement on an individual's right to pursue happiness. The proper role of government in the economy is to maximize the ability of citizens to partake in free exchange, enforce law such as contracts, and prosecute fraud.

Our religious freedom also came from this unique concept. After all if “our Creator” gave us our inalienable rights, including the right to know and worship God, then government has no place coming between a person and the worship of God. Government must not establish an official religion, just as it must guarantee the free exercise of religion. The Founders believed that if a people are to govern themselves politically, they must first govern themselves morally. Religious practice was considered to be an important method of teaching morals.

The American people are among the freest, most innovative, most hard-working, church-going, affluent, and generous in the world. They live in a country dedicated to the principles of liberty, grounded on the truths that all men are created equal and endowed with equal rights. These permanent truths are “applicable to all men and all times,” as Abraham Lincoln once said.

The United States' enormous and rapid rise in wealth and power is due to the freedoms we enjoy. As ReALs Core Doctrine says,“The answer is that America is exceptional because of the depth and breadth of our God-given freedom. Never before has a nation been conceived in liberty and then overcome so many obstacles to retain so much freedom for its citizens. The Founding Fathers gave America an amazing legacy of freedom and opportunity. America is exceptional because later generations eagerly accepted the Founders’ gift and forged a unique American culture from it.”



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