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Steven Cunningham State Representative
Sullivan District 2


July 19, 2010

Steven Cunningham represents the towns of Springfield, Croydon, Newport, Goshen and Washington in the NH House of Representatives. 

Representative Cunningham is a member of the House Committee on Municipal and County Government.



I have been meeting many of the new candidates for state office. We have some exciting people; bright, eager, and well educated. Now, I want you small and not-so-small businessmen to listen up!

These candidates understand how the economy works. Much more so than some U.S. presidents I could mention. They understand that punishing businesses for success does not make the businessman or woman want to work harder. They understand that rewarding inefficiency does not inspire efficiency. They understand that small businesses provide the majority of the jobs in this state. They will support business, cut bureaucratic paperwork for businesses, cut business taxes and work to bring back a business friendly environment.

What I need from you business people to understand is that you have to get these people elected. I know business is down… a lot. That's what this is about. If you can scrounge a few bucks for these candidates now, you will get it back many-fold when they get elected. If business is down, you have some free time. Campaign for them. Put up some signs. MAKE SOME PHONE CALLS. This is especially big. Introduce them to other business owners. You are looking at a bleak future. Help make it better.

What I need from those of you who do not own a business is to understand this: The business people supply your jobs. Their employees spend their paychecks buying things from you, paying taxes and fees, donating to your charity. You need to support pro-business candidates just as badly as the business owner does.

These candidates need you now! Meet these candidates and find the right ones. Then get out your wallet, turn off the TV, skip that round of golf and get to the phone, put on your shoes to get out and do signs, or let them use some of your business space, copier, etc.

Put these people to work for you in Concord so you can get back to a lucrative business as usual.


Steven Cunningham
NH State Representative, Sullivan County District  2

Telephone:  603-271-3317

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