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Steven Cunningham State Representative
Sullivan District 2


May 8, 2010

Steven Cunningham represents the towns of Springfield, Croydon, Newport, Goshen and Washington in the NH House of Representatives. 

Representative Cunningham is a member of the House Committee on Municipal and County Government.

New Hampshire Garbage Can

What else can I call Senate Bill 450 than a garbage can. This bill started as some housekeeping issues for Health and Human Services, but now everything good or bad has been attached to this bill as an amendment at the last minute. This bill would repeal the LLC tax, the only decent thing in this garbage can. It also makes onerous cuts, but insufficient amounts to save the state from bankruptcy. To do that, we have amendments to issue bonds to cover this year's bills (just like you and me balancing our budget by maxing-out a dozen credit cards.) This is only $65,000,000.00.

Let's not forget the hand-me-downs. Not used clothing, used fees. The state stops sending revenue money to the counties and towns that normally share it. Now the county charges the towns for the missing money and the towns raise property taxes for both. Who pays? You and me. Isn't it great that the STATE didn't raise property taxes? It's only $20,000,000.00 anyway.

Medical insurance premiums too cheap? Well the state will be raising additional taxes on your premiums. $16,000,000.00

Electric bills too high? Better buy those fluorescent bulbs. A tax on electricity generation of $4,500,000.00. This is ONLY charged to the electric company. I'm sure it won't be passed on to us.

Cigar taxes are going up. There goes your money up in smoke. Disclosure: I don't smoke.

Estate taxes going up. I don't mind that so much. I'll be dead anyway. No firm estimate on this one. We could raise speed limits and that would kill off more people and raise money faster. As much as $20,000,000.00


University of New Hampshire will "give" the state $25,000,000.00. We will sell bonds and pay UNH right back. We do not have the money for the bond payments this year. I'm sure we will have lots more money next year, though.

Gays want to get married in New Hampshire? They better bring an extra $5.00 for the increased license fee.

Hey, those iguanas and frogs and such are kind of unnecessary. Let's add a special fee just on pet shops. Watch out flower shops, next year is coming up soon and we don't need flowers to live.

I'm going to stop here. I promise you, Wednesday I will vote against this garbage can Senate Bill 450. I want to solve our dire financial problems, but not by throwing garbage on everyone.



Wednesday we will also be voting on changing New Hampshire law to allow the national health care law to take effect here. I won't bore you all with the details again of what's wrong with the national health care law. I will say I worked in both the private and public health care systems for over two and one-half decades, and I see solutions to many of our problems. None of those solutions are in the national plan, and many truly severe problems will come our way if this plan is implemented.

Please call your state representatives and beg them to vote to kill Senate Bill 455.

Steven Cunningham, O.D.
Representative, Sullivan County District  2

Telephone:  603-271-3317


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