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Steven Cunningham State Representative
Sullivan District 2


May 3, 2010

Steven Cunningham represents the towns of Springfield, Croydon, Newport, Goshen and Washington in the NH House of Representatives. 

Representative Cunningham is a member of the House Committee on Municipal and County Government.


Not really, but the national healthcare plan is poised to pounce on New Hampshire. Call your representatives and senators and tell them to kill SB455.

To begin with, this is a vampire amendment. The original, reasonable harmless bill was taken over by a last minute amendment endorsing the national health care plan. What's wrong with that?

1. Children are defined as up to 26 years old. A technical problem with that is: if your 24 year old "child" has a child, since the former would be under your plan, what about your grandchild? I just hope they don't up the age and we start insuring great-grandchildren. (By way of disclosure one relative of mine has 13 children. I can't count high enough to count the grandchildren. What a deal this insurance would be for her father.)

2. The NH insurance commissioner would have the authority to implement the federal reforms. The rules and regulations have not been written, so New Hampshire would be signing a blank check both literally for the dollars and figuratively for the entitlements and restrictions.

3. The bill signs NH on to a federal High Risk Pool. NH would be paying for the obese, AIDS, and poor health risks of the inner cities of New York and Los Angeles (is that really the "city of angels", seems more like the city of nuts). Several other states have already said "no".

4. A child is defined as a child by blood or by marriage. They left out adopted children. A technical issue, granted, but it makes the point of what happens in a last minute rush to pass a bill. I cringe to think of what other errors have gone unnoticed.

The federal health care bill was a rushed, poorly thought-out, unread bill with an enormous number of poorly understood and unwanted consequences. New Hampshire should not make the same mistake by rushing to sign on to this very expensive program.

Steven Cunningham, O.D.
Representative, Sullivan County District  2

Telephone:  603-271-3317


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