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Steven Cunningham State Representative
Sullivan District 2


March 14, 2010

Steven Cunningham represents the towns of Springfield, Croydon, Newport, Goshen and Washington in the NH House of Representatives. 

Representative Cunningham is a member of the House Committee on Municipal and County Government.


Town meeting time has passed. Croydon had a quiet, non-controversial meeting. The school meeting was slightly more interesting. The latter brings me to an issue of the poor and especially the elderly, the retired poor and the retired near-poor.

The issue that brought this to mind was a debate over an increase in the proposed school budget for an increased number of field trips for the students, particularly mentioned was ice skating and trips to the larger library in the next town. The arguments were that the children deserve to have more of these trips as the children are our future. As most attendees have children in our school, the vote was to increase the taxes. Now, understand that before this vote, the school property tax was going up over 23% already, and the county tax is going up, of course.

What I would like the parents to understand is that they are commonly middle-age parents, employed, near their peak earning years, and love their children dearly. As health officer in my community for over seven years and as a state representative, I am privy to first hand experience with households in town that are barely getting by. Many of these are older; are retired teachers, former volunteer firemen, veterans, past members of the town's zoning board, etc. They are not our future. They are our past. Their social security did not increase this year. Their CDs are paying very little this year. They are already keeping their houses a little too cold to save on heating bills, and skipping some of their medications because they are so expensive. Those few dollars to allow the school kids to go skating will cause some of our community to be a little colder and go without one more dose of needed medications. I know this to be true.

I understand that the children are our future. I would encourage parents to remember our elders are our past, but they still deserve consideration.

And thank you, those who have bothered to care as much about our past as about our future.

Steven Cunningham, O.D.
Representative, Sullivan County District  2

Telephone:  603-271-3317


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