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Gayle Hedrington

December 26, 2008
Happy New Year! I hope you and your families are looking forward to the New Year. Do you have any New Year's resolutions? I try not to do resolutions, but do strive for one new thing for the upcoming year. This year I am striving to live a greener lifestyle. If anyone has any green-living suggestions please email me. Ideally, I would like to get a windmill on our property to generate our own electricity. It is something I am going to look into after the first of the year. One popular resolution is of course to loose weight. I am happy to say that I have maintained my weight loss of 25 pounds for the past year and have in fact lost four more pounds. I do not think I would have done it without Weight Watchers. I have lost weight in the past but have always regained back after I went off the diet.   Recycle Cell Phones If you were lucky enough to receive a new cell phone for Christmas, you might want to consider donating your old cell phone to a US service member or a battered woman. For more information on donations to service members go to You can drop off your used cell phones for battered women at BJ's in West Lebanon.
Some things to watch in 2009 JWT, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world released its list of 90 things to watch in 2009. According to Ann Mack director of trend spotting at JWT, the recession will make the biggest impact. Here is a sampling:   1. Affordable nutrition
  2. Family friendly TV
  3. Credit card dieting
  4. DIY renovations and repairs
  5. Electric bikes
  6. Environmental Exercise
  7. Good old-Fashioned cooking
  8. (free music)
  9. Obama speak
10. Homemade beauty treatments 

I will be happy to see good old-fashioned home made cooking make a comeback. I often think that cooking is becoming a lost art, especially after spending time with my daughter Kristina and her friends. One of her friends mentioned that Kristina even makes macaroni and cheese a gourmet meal. According to my daughter, she made homemade mac and cheese and all her friends ever had was the box type. 
  Visitor Mr. Gary Sheppard of Severille TN is up visiting his daughter Michelle and son-in-law Wayne Maynard of Croydon Flat.   Town Clerk's Hours The Town Clerk's office is closed on Wednesday December 31 and on Thursday Jan. 1. 

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