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Gayle Hedrington

December 21, 2009

Brrr… was it cold when I came home early Friday morning. When I entered San Diego Airport at 12:30 pm, I couldn't wait to get out of the hot sun and into the air-conditioned airport. It was quiet the shock to my system. 

One of my friends from NJ is now living in San Diego and I was able to meet her for breakfast on the day I left. It had been 40 years since we had seen each another. I was telling her how cold it was back in NH and she couldn't imagine it. It was wonderful seeing her again. 

I had a wonderful time, and even danced on the Jay Leno show, although it was when the commercials were on. We also went on our annual visit to the Hotel Del Coronado which has wonderful Christmas decorations and a magnificent tree. The Hotel was featured in the movie "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon, and Tony Curtis. Although in the movie the hotel was suppose to be in Florida. 

I do regret I was not here for the annual Croydon Village School Christmas play. The event was on Wednesday the 17th, and students performed the Holiday Express. Which is a takeoff of the story Polar Express. Pupils from the kindergarten were the reindeer, and students from the Croydon Village School played the speaking roles. 

One thing I won't miss is the annual Christmas Service at the Croydon Flat Congregational Church. The well-attended candlelight service starts at 7 pm. 

The Croydon Historical Society did a wonderful job of putting up the swags around town. A special thanks to Bap Kresse for donating the greens. 

Town Clerk News

You can now download Veteran's Credit and Elderly Exemption Forms from the Croydon Town Web site as well as Municipal Abatement Forms. Each form is in the pdf format, and can be obtained by going to


ZBA Hearing

The Zoning Board of Adjustments is meeting on Monday, Jan. 11 at 6 pm on a variance for 39 Indian Point Road, Robert, and Dale Cunningham property, Map 8 Lot 132. The engineer is Pierre J. Bedard of Wilmot NH. Brief description of permit variance being requested: To allow installation of a replacement septic system and a well within the 35-foot setbacks of neighboring properties.


Wine and Cheese Reception to Meet Steve Cunningham

A Wine and Cheese Reception to meet Republican Candidate for State Representative District 2, Steve Cunningham, is on Sunday, January 3, 2 to 4 pm at the Newport Ruger Mill, 169 Sunapee St., Newport NH. In addition to meeting Steve Cunningham, you will be able to see Bill Ruger Jr's famous antique car collection.

Steve Cunningham is a resident of Croydon, and currently serves as Croydon's Health Officer.

I end my column this week with a Christmas poem, penned by Croydon's own Augusta Cooper Bristol.


The night goes on, and Bethlehem still sleeps. 
The wakeful shepherds, watching in the fields. 
Draw close to one another, searching in 
Each other's eyes with a half-fearful gaze, 
And ask, in whispers, what has charmed the world. 
Sudden the light air wakens in the palm; 
The half-shut blossoms spring to wider bloom; 
The serpent on the rock, with writhe and hiss, 
Slips to his covert: and a flash of light 
Fills all the sky, as if the universe 
Sent out a lightning of electric joy. 
And then commences, from an angel host. 
The singing of the birth-chant.


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