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Gayle Hedrington

December 7, 2009

School Well Update

The Croydon School Board did not meet in November, but Croydon Health Officer Steve Cunningham sent the school board a report concerning the well used by the school on October 21. He was kind enough to send a copy to me at the request of the schoolteachers. As you know, there was a problem with bacteria in the well. It still had an unclear reading on October 18 due to chlorine still being present in the water tested. Here is a copy of a report from Steve Cunningham Health Officer, dated Oct. 21, 2009.

On October 14, 2009, the water system was treated with chlorine. Each and every tap of each building tested positive for no less than 10ppm of chlorine. 

In flushing the system, a large amount of debris was discharged from the well. Flushing continued until 10/21/09, the first day that the water tested free of chlorine. That day samples were taken from each building.

Test results by telephone from the laboratory at NHDES were all negative for bacteria on 10/21/09. At this point the Board of Health and myself consider the system proven safe for drinking. There still exists some confusion on who is responsible for the system, an issue I would appreciate clarification of and a notification to DES if the party is other than SAU43.

Steven L. Cunningham, O.D.
Health Officer


H1N1 Clinics

H1N1 Flu Clinics are by appointment. Call 603-504-1000. Clinics are free. Leave your name, the clinic you would like to attend and your phone number. Please speak clearly.

Wednesday, December 9 from 4-7 p.m. Sunapee Safety Services 

Thursday, December 10 from 4-7 p.m. Claremont Middle School. 

Clinics are for children ages 4-17 and adults ages 18-24 and adults with underlying health conditions ages 25-64. Clinics are also for persons living or caring for infants younger than 6 months, spouses of pregnant women and health care providers. 

Clinics are sponsored by the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network. For more information:

ZBA Hearing

The Zoning Board of Adjustments is meeting on Monday, Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. on a variance for 39 Indian Point Road, Robert, and Dale Cunningham property, Map 8 Lot 132. The engineer is Pierre J. Bedard of Wilmot NH. Brief description of permit variance being requested: To allow installation of a replacement septic system and a well within the 35-foot setbacks of neighboring properties.


Christmas is Coming

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around town. The Ploss’ home on Route 10 is probably the most decorated home in the town. I don’t know where they get the energy for the endeavor. 

I have three lighted deer and a wire Christmas outside for decorations and it took me all day Saturday to get the tree ready. So many of the lights went out I had to rewire the tree and by the time I was finished I wasn’t much in the Holiday Spirit. 

The Croydon Historical Society is having its annual Christmas party at the home of Carol Robinson on Saturday, Dec. 12. Members are bringing covered dishes and a luncheon will follow their 10:30 are meeting. 

A Christmas party for town employees and elected officials for Croydon is on Tuesday evening December 15. 

It's the second year in row, I won’t be able to attend either of the parties, and I regret that I will miss them. I will be in San Diego visiting my daughter Kristina and my sister is also going to San Diego for our annual Christmas get together. We applied for tickets to the Bonnie Hunt Show and for the Ellen Show. We attended the Bonnie Hunt Show last year, and were able to celebrate Tim Conway’s birthday with him. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to view the show since we were without power due to the ice storm.

I stopped by the Pedal Patch on Saturday to catch up with Croydon Flat resident Donna Mahair who is Chairperson for The Willey-Perra Christmas Fund. She was busy wrapping gifts in between customers and noted that some kids’ cards were not picked from the giving trees. There is still a need for toys due to the number of children that need presents this year. If you would like to donate a gift or money you can contact Bunny Perry the main organizer at the Newport Senior Center at 603-863-5139 or Donna Mahair at the Pedal Patch 603-863-3833. 


Please contact me with your information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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