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Gayle Hedrington

December 1, 2010


Thanksgiving is over and the Peschkeís arrived back in Croydon, safe but weary from their trip back from Illinois. The family ran into winter storms along the route, extending the drive time an additional 15 hours. Norma Menard is back from her Florida visit, although with this cold weather she probably wishes she were still there. Dominick and Pat DiMaggio are home after visiting their new grandson in Maryland for Thanksgiving and reports that they had no problems going through security at Manchester and Baltimore airports.

Last month I wrote about Halloween being dead in Croydon; however, the Christmas Holiday is off to a booming start. Many Croydon residents are decorating their properties. Neil Perez, on Brighton Road put his outdoor lights on his fir trees a week before Thanksgiving.

In addition, the Plossí residence on Rt. 10 looks like a mini wonderland with their lawn display. Each year, their display is better than the year before.


Local Shopping

For those interested in local shopping, there are some gifts items available in Croydon. The Coniston Store also has some items suitable for holiday gift giving, sweatshirts-shirts, and Budweiser Steins. Pat DiMaggio of Croydon Ė Cruise planner noted that there are great deals now on cruises to Alaska as well as many other cruise itineraries that you can check out here: . Also Serenity Carpets on Rt.10 in Croydon is having a special on Carpets for $19.99 a square foot.

Being a Foster Doggie Parent

People often ask me about being a foster dog parent, so Iíll answer the questions here. There is no pay for being a foster doggie parent, however we do not have to pay their vet bills, but do pay for the gas to transport them.

It is difficult saying good-bye to a pug that has been part of your family. The shortest time we fostered a dog was three hours, and the longest we fostered one was six months.

If you are curious as how a type of dog will fit into your family, fostering a dog of that breed may be a good thing to consider. We foster for Green Mountain Pug Rescue in Lyndonville Vt., however most dog rescue organizations are always looking for foster homes, since they have no central shelter. It also helps a dog get used to human companionship especially in cases where the dogs have a history of abuse or neglect.

It gives you a tremendous sense of joy knowing you helped a dog to trust, love and enjoy life as a family pet. Here are five lessons our foster dogs taught me.

    • Overcome your fear of steps. Moving up is a good thing, however look back occasionally to see your progress.

    • Donít be afraid of doors, they often lead to better opportunities.

    • Even after someone has abused or hurt you, it is okay to trust again. Most people are good.

    • Donít be afraid to try new food, it may be different but perhaps something better than you ever tasted.

    • Always show your appreciation with a hug or a wag of your tail. A kiss or lick on the face is good also.


The Grange meets tonight at 7 pm in the Croydon Town Hall. Visitors and new members are welcome.

The Selectmen met yesterday, Nov. 30 at 7 pm in the Selectmenís room in the Town Hall.


Please contact me with your information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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