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Gayle Hedrington

November 7, 2008

Boars Gone Wild
Lorraine Cloutier and Bert Smith both residents of Cash Street found their lawns rooted up from wild boar. Muriel and Steve Brock of Barton Road also reported the creatures in their backyard. Also on Thursday evening, a group of the wild boar was on Route 10 near Spectacle Pond. In addition to the sightings and damage in Croydon Village, Brenda McGuire of Brighton Lane reported she saw two wild boars and a black bear. The black bear was on Brenda?s porch. The boars also tore up a lawn in Newport on Route 10.

The wild boar is a Prussian Wild Boar and not a native of NH. They were brought here from the Black Forest in Germany for Corbin Park. In years past, fire and tricksters cutting holes in the fence, have left the wild boar free to roam in the Croydon area. The boar population is NH is unknown. 
  Town News Ready for some good news? Croydon residents will see a decrease of $1.75 per thousand, due to surplus in the school budget. There is a school board meeting on Wednesday November 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Croydon Village School.   Croydon Votes Town Clerk Brenda McGuire, and Willis Ballou Town Moderator reported that Croydon had a large turn out for voting, adding many new voters registered on Election Day.  Croydon voting results are as follows: President
Barack Obama: 182
John McCain: 216
Ralph Nader: 3 
Bob Barr: 1

John Lynch: 234
Joseph D. Kenney: 138 
Susan M. Newell: 14

U.S. Senator
Jeanne Shaheen: 171 
John Sununu: 216 
Ken Blevens: 14

Representative in Congress
Paul Hodes: 187 
Jennifer Horne: 187 
Chester L. Lapointe: 4

Executive Council
J. Michael Cauble: 121 
Raymond S. Burton: 236

State Senator
Matthew Houde: 167 
James W. Danforth: 180

State Representatives (Dem)
Melanie Bell: 117 
Peter Franklin: 112 
Arthur Jillette: 110
State Representatives (Rep)
Anthony (Tony) Maiola: 204 
Beverly T. Rodeschin: 221 
Thomas J. Howard: 203

County Treasurer
Carroll "Dave" French: 135 
Paul J. Brown: 210

Register of Deeds
Levi Noah Sanders: 115 
Sharron A. King: 243

County Commission 1st District
Jeffrey R. Barrette: 127 
Donald S. Clarke: 215

Tom Howard wants to thank all the residents of Sullivan County who voted for him in District 2. If you do not believe me, drive by Serenity Carpets and you will see the sign he has in front saying "Thanks for your support" Arthur Jillette (D) of Goshen is asking
for a recount on the vote.

I don't know about anyone else, but I had two different visits from people driving out of state cars on election day from Barack Obama workers asking if I was going to vote.
Tammy Howard reported that on election day, one of the workers who was holding up a sign was in the wrong district. She informed them that they were in the wrong place and they informed her that they were dropped off there and being paid for it. So much for civil duty.

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