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Gayle Hedrington

November 15, 2010

Veterans Appreciation Dinner

Thirty-four Croydon Veterans and their families attended the second annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner, recently. Peter Lovely of Newport opened the ceremonies and afterward the Newport Cub and Boy Scout Pact 416 presented the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Written on the War Memorial in front of the Town Hall it states, "Croydon Never Left Wanting." The saying also applied to the food on hand for the vets. There was salads, vegetables, pot roast, pork roast, roast chicken, chicken and dumplings, meatballs, lasagna, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, and homemade pies for dessert.

There were four veterans who served in WW II, six who served in the Korean War, 12 who served during the Vietnam War, two veterans from the Gulf and Bosnia Wars, and five who served during peace time. Croydon’s oldest veteran, George King, was unable to attend due to illness.

Veterans who attended and received certificates for service to their country and community were: Wayne Curtis, Fred Carmen, Ken Lurvy, Frank Holmes, Rodney Hanson, Fred Evans, Phil Corbett. Eugene Lamer, Beverly Rodeschin, Henry Rodeschin, Willis Ballou, Philip Beaton, Dave Efland, Jack Thorson, Bill Thorson, Steve Cunningham, Richard Nelson, David Herrick, Mike Castellano, Ted Delaney, Jim Harding, Clayton Phillips, Stephen Tracy, Richard Rossiter, Bob Kangus, Bob Nelson, Ronald Johnson, Peter Lovely, Richard Kimball, and Ronald Johnson.

Family members receiving certificates for deceased Croydon Veterans were: Wayne Curtis for his father Harold Curtis, Jane Deaden for her father Frank Dearden, Trudy Cohen for her husband Bernard Cohen and Elaine Devroy for her husband George Devroy.


Bob and Cody Kangas won the Croydon Grange Raffle of the American Flag afghan. Total proceeds from the drawing was $200. The Grange would like to thank everyone who bought a raffle ticket.

The event was a collaboration of the Croydon Historical Society, Croydon Congregational Church, Croydon Volunteer Fire Department, and the Ladies Auxiliary.

The Croydon Historical society would like to thank all who contributed food and time to the event which made it a success.

Rebecca Rule

After the dinner, the public joined the veterans for entertainment by Rebecca Rule. Known for her Yankee humor and stories, she brought out the best in some of Croydon’s own storytellers. Kevin Lurvy, who was born in Croydon Flat, told "The Tale (Actually the Nose) of the Porcupine". Rule noted that she would put it in her next book.

While growing up in Croydon, Kevin along with his cousins, wanted to get the 50 cents bounty for the porcupine nose. They went out with their shotguns and found one. However, the porcupine sensed the danger and ran up a tree.

Not to be outdone, Kevin and his cousins put brush around the tree and lit it on fire hoping to get the porcupine down. They eventually got the porcupine and took it to Gerald Gross who was the Fire Warden at the time. Gross looked at the nose and told Kevin and his cousins. "I’ll pay the 50 cents for the nose, but you didn’t need to cook it first."

There were other stories shared by the audience including a great one by John McDonough that had to do with moving a dead horse. I could not do the story justice here, but next time you see him… ask him about it.


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