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Gayle Hedrington

November 2, 2009

Croydon News

Croydon Health Officer, Steve Cunningham, is a candidate for State Representative in District 2 in a special election to replace Tony Maiola. Maiola a first-term legislator resigned from his seat in Sullivan—District 2 due to health reasons. If the position is left unfilled, Sullivan County would have only 12 representatives instead of 13, a number crucial in voting. Sullivan—District 2 includes the towns of Newport, Croydon, Springfield, Goshen, and Washington.

Cunningham is the lone Republican running in the primary and his platform is concentrating on fiscal responsibilities, economic development and personal freedoms. He also wants to bring common sense and small town values and concerns for the average person to Concord. Cunningham is also a strong proponent for the 2nd Amendment and is an NRA certified pistol instructor who promotes gun safety.

In addition to serving as Croydon Health Officer, Cunningham also is a member of the Zoning Board of Adjustments. He lives with his wife Judy on Springfield Road in Croydon. The couple moved to Croydon several years ago and both are active members of the community. We wish Steve all the best.

Democrats jumped fast to file Maoila’s seat. Those running are: John LaRock of Newport, current member of the Newport School Board, Arthur Gillette of Goshen who is a past state representative defeated in the 2008 election, and Peter Franklin of Newport who was also defeated as representative in the same election.

Since there are three Democrats vying for the seat, the special election on Dec. 8, 2009 will be a primary. The Democratic candidate who wins the primary will go against Cunningham on Jan. 12, 2010.

For more information about Steve Cunningham, visit his web site at or friend him on Facebook.


A.R.E.A. Agreement Meeting

The School Board is seeking volunteers to establish a committee to investigate options to modify or discontinue the AREA agreement with Newport. The first meeting is on Wed. Nov. 4 at 6:30 pm in the Croydon Village School. Anyone wishing to serve on this committee can join. Ideally, a group from across the community would be great to get involved in the process. All are welcome.


Halloween Parade

Clayton Platt and Dena Sclafani hand out candy to trick or treaters lined up  for Halloween parade. (Gayle Hedrington photo)

It was cold for this year’s Halloween parade. However, the students braved the chilly weather and greeted parents and friends. As usual, Chief Richard Lee was on hand to assure safety while the students crossed the street to the Coniston Store.

Halloween Party

Seamus, Wesley, and Owen Ritz-Williams hosted a Halloween Party at their home with help from mom Julia on Friday, Oct. 30. The party was from 5-10 pm. I am not calling anyone any names, but Julia was dressed as a witch.



What is spookier than losing your electricity on Halloween? How about some howling winds? That is what happened to residents in Croydon Flat on Saturday afternoon. Their power went out for about an hour but was back on before sundown.


Veteran’s Day Dinner

Dear Military Veteran and Spouses of Departed Military Veterans:

The Croydon Historical Society, Croydon Church, Croydon Fire Department, Croydon Ladies Auxiliary and the Croydon Selectman invite you to a free home-cooked pot luck Recognition Dinner to honor you for your military service for our community and country. Dinner is November 14, 2009 at 4 pm at the Croydon Fire Station. We hope to have all Croydon veterans honored there that evening. If you need transportation, we will be glad to pick you up and bring you home. RSVP to any of the following to let us know if you and your family will attend so we can plan the amount of food and menu.

Clayton Phillips 863-1119, Cody Kangus 863-3099, or Bap Kresse 863-1449.


Christmas Balls

The Croydon Historical Society has its annual Christmas ornament ball available for sale. The ball depicts the Perkins /Phillips House. Perkins, who was one of the earlier property owners, established a sawmill on there and later a water trough that graced the front of the property. Price is $10 and comes with box, bubble wrap and a card containing information about the historical home. Anyone wishing to purchase the 2009 ornament can call Clayton Phillips 863-1110, Cody Kangus 863-3099, or Bap Kresse 863-1449.



(Gayle Hedrington photo)
I stopped by Oak Hill Farm on Friday and was surprised at the number of ribbons that Kristen Wesoja had won in horse competitions. This is just one of the doors that contain her ribbons. There are two more with equal numbers. Kristen recently competed at the Big E in Deerfield MA.



Please feel free to contact me with any information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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