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Gayle Hedrington

October 26, 2009

School Board Meeting and News

Michelle Caccavaro reported to the School Board that children’s author/illustrator Donald B. Johnson visited pupils at the Croydon Village School this week and demonstrated how he drew. Johnson writes the Henry series that are stories about Henry David Thoreau.

Caccavaro also mentioned the Veterans dinner on Saturday, Nov. 14, sponsored by the Croydon Historical Society, Croydon Congregational Church, and Croydon Volunteer Fire Department. Caccavaro said she was interested in having the students in the school learn patriotic songs to sing at the event. It would be voluntary since it is on a Saturday and parents would need to bring their children to the event. Superintendent Brannigan stated she did have a problem with that, since children learn songs for other holidays.

I questioned the members of SAU 43 regarding the SAU budget hearing projecting a 13% increase for the school year 2010-2011. Superintendent Brannigan replied there is a public hearing on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 6:00 in the Lou Thompson Room at Newport Middle High School. No one gave a reason the projected increase.

Steve Cunningham, Health Officer for Croydon approached the Croydon School Board, on Wed. October 21 regarding an H1N1 flu clinic for Croydon Village School Students on Nov. 18 at 8:00 am. . Superintendent Marilyn Brannigan expressed concerns about a child receiving a vaccination without a parent or guardian being present. School board members Jim Peschke and Linda Schultz agreed and stated they weren’t comfortable with liability falling on the school. School board member George Caccavaro was absent due to flu symptoms.

After a general discussion it was determined that, the clinic would be in the Town Hall with the kindergarteners and first graders attending classes in the Croydon Village School for the day. Parents would need to come to the school and take their children to the Town Hall for the immunizations.

Cunningham was not certain if the vaccine will be available for that day due to shortages with the H1N1. He also went on to explain that the Federal Government is making the vaccines available to schools before being available to the public through doctors.

If the vaccine is available, it will be for students and home schooled students in Croydon in kindergarten through third grade. Croydon students attending Newport schools need to receive their vaccines in Newport.

Kim McKinney stated that the reason the H1N1 vaccine was not available to the public first, is that doctors would give the vaccine to senior citizens and that it is the younger children that need the immunizations.

The School Board is seeking volunteers to establish a committee to investigate options to modify or discontinue the AREA agreement with Newport. I (Gayle Hedrington) volunteered to serve on the committee and it will meet on Wed. Nov. 4 at 6:30 pm in the Croydon Village School. Anyone wishing to serve on this committee can join. Ideally, a group from across the community would be great to get involved in the process.

Jen Ballou addressed the school board regarding a recent fistfight between two teenage girls on the Croydon School Bus while it was traveling on Stony Brook Road. According to Ballou, the girls used foul language, and the fight resulted in minor injuries to the parties involved. Ballou stated she understood the bus driver pulled over and stopped the bus, but she was concerned if the bus driver had a way to call for help if needed. She asked what procedures were in place for the safety of the children on the bus and the bus driver.

Superintendent Marilyn Brannigan addressed the issue stating that when an incident on the bus occurs the bus driver has cell phone and a radio to call for help since some stops along the route do not have cell service. Brannigan went on to say that after such an incident, the bus driver makes a report to the principle of the school which the student/students attend and an investigation takes place, Following the investigation disciplinary action takes place if needed.

Lynn Baker principle of the Croydon Village School said she was familiar with the situation. Baker assured Ballou that those involved dealt with incident properly.

Jan Michel asked about the LEAP Grant. Superintendent Brannigan stated that the $11,000 for the LEAP grant year school year 2009-2010 is paying for the para educator. When asked about the LEAP grant for year 2008-2009 Brannigan stated that it went to buy library cards for the children of the Croydon Village School, a new laminator, and other school items.

Flu Clinic Cancelled

Health Officer Steve Cunningham and RN Jan Michel cancelled a flu clinic for Croydon last Sunday, due to lack of vaccine. Originally, Cunningham obtained permission for to take the school bus to Dartmouth Hitchcock medical center. Difficulty in finding a bus driver and low number of participants caused the change in plans.

Saturday Rains

Donnie Lusier Road Agent has his work cut out for him this week. Heavy downpours on Saturday evening found several road gullies washed away, in particular on Brighton Road.

Halloween Parade

The Croydon Village School and Kindergarten is having their Halloween Parade at 1:00 pm on Friday, October 30. The children will leave the school and walk to the Coniston Store.


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