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Gayle Hedrington

October 24, 2008

Newport Mills

Croydon residents Fred and Joanne Carmen, Donna and Peter Mahair (Pedal Patch), Steve and Judy Cunningham, Cynthia and Clayton Philips, Hannah and John Clements, Susan and Wayne Swan, Tom Howard, were among the attendees at Newport Mills for the industry exposition and to meet U.S. Senator John Sununu on Sunday, October 19.

Although not present in person, one of the displays featured a photo of George Caccavaro with his father when they had Smith Machine Co. The display was in the Smithsonian Institute with others machine shops in the Newport community representing the Industrial Valley.

Bill Ruger is using Newport Mills to demonstrate economic planning, and alternative energy changes for regional wellbeing. Currently the Sugar River Hydro Power I generates 650,000 KWH of electricity a year. Future plans are to convert an existing biomass boiler system to a combined heat and power biomass boiler that will heat the building and produce an additional 3,400,000 KWH yearly. 

The biomass boiler is supplied by low grade forest products under the Responsible Stewardship Plan.



Fred Carmen lives in Croydon NH and has for the past 20 years. The Camel Hump Road resident must like the name of the town, because Fred was born and raised in Croydon PA.


Croydon Resident Tom Howard Seeking Seat in District 2

Tom Howard, owner of Serenity Carpets and Croydon resident is seeking a Republican State Representative Seat in District 2. Howard says he believes in common sense and
is concerned about Sullivan County's deficit that rises each year. Howard noted that the majority of the deficit is due to the Sullivan County Health Care in Unity and he believes the nursing home should be run like a business, and not a burden to the tax payers.

Howard went on to say that he checked Peter Franklin's voting record and everything that Franklin voted for he would have voted against.


Halloween Parade

Friday, October 31 is the day for the Annual Halloween Parade from the Croydon Village School to the Coniston Store. The parade will begin at 1:00 p.m.


Two Queens and a Princess

Rachel Benoit of Barton Road, and Katie Boardman of Brighton Road are entrants in the Queen Pageant for Newport's Winter Carnival. Both girls are seniors in Newport High School. Emma Platt, daughter of Clayton Platt and Linda Schultz is going to be a princess in the event.


On The Cheap

A presentation by John Lunn, goldsmith/master flutemaker, including a first look at his latest art nouveau green gold flute. John Lunn will be on hand at an open house. Lunn will engage in a conversation about the art of flutemaking, show a slideshow on the history of his design, display an array of hand tools and materials that go into the flute, and offer some impromptu performance on a Lunn flute by New Hampshire flutist Nola Aldrich. The event is at the Richards Free Library, in Newport, from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5. 

Ken Burns

Ken Burns is the winner of the Sarah Josepha Hale award and will be at the Newport Opera House on November 8. The event starts at 8 p.m. and admission is free. 

Hunter Savings

Show your hunting license at T-BONES or Cactus Jacks at Lake Winnipesaukee and receive $10 off the purchase of two entrees. For more visit; Call-ahead seating: (603) 528-7800. For more huntings savings go to:

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