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Gayle Hedrington

October 18, 2010

Appraisal Day Mystery

Tin Toys were a popular item at this year's Antique Appraisal Day, sponsored by the Croydon Historical Society. Dana Willey of Newport brought a Hop-A-Long Cassidy, windup toy. The tin toy had Hop-A-Long sitting on his horse and rocking, while twirling a lasso.

Dana reported him and his sister Amy Spreadbury got it from their grandmother. According to Appraiser, Stephen Boher of Newport, it is probably worth 300.00- 400.00 but said he'll look into it further and get back to Willey.

Herrick Aiken also of Newport brought in tin ship, the Silver Mariner. Stephen Boher was impressed with the condition and the quality of the boat and its original box. Boher was not sure of the value and is getting more information on the item before giving the estimated of value. Mr. Aiken stated he received the ship from his father, Charles Aiken's estate.

The mystery item that stumped everyone was the item brought in by Nancy Holobowicz of Newport. It was an elongated piece with an eyepiece to look through a plate and onto to another plate with lines and numbers. Jim Healy of White River Junction, a professional numismatic was not sure what it was, but thought it was something used one time by optometrists.

Appraiser Steve Boher was not sure what it was either but estimated it was made between 1880 and 1920 and guessed it could have been an item used in industry for measuring. Holobowicz stated she received the item from her son Benjamin Holobowicz Jr. and he received it from a friend.

A pocket watch from the 1800’s belonging to Mary Hutchins of Grantham, was the most unusual item seen by appraiser Roy Porter of Goshen who specializes in watches, clocks and jewelry.

There was a steady stream of people all day according to Shirley Kolowski, who operated the registration table. She attributed the good turn out to the bad weather stating people wanted to do things that were indoors.

Kudos to Cynthia Phillips, for organizing Appraisal Day for the past 11 years. The Croydon Historical Society wants to thanks the appraisers and all the attendees who made this event a success.



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Croydon School Board

The Croydon School Board meets this Wednesday, Oct. 20 in the Croydon Town Hall at 6:00 pm. Meeting opens to the public at 6:30 pm.

6:15 p.m.
RSA 91-A:3 (c)

6:30 p.m.
Manifest Review

6:45 pm
I. Call to Order – G. Caccavaro
II. Roll Call – G. Caccavaro
III. Public Forum- G. Caccavaro
       a. School Board Vacancy
IV. Approval of Minutes: 9/8/10
V. Information:
     a. AREA Agreement Report: James Peschke
     b. Update on Principal search: Mike Marcinkus
     c. Update on Music Teacher position: Mike Marcinkus
     d. Financial Report: Jim Vezina
     e. Quotes for new fence: Jim Vezina
VI. Public Forum- G. Caccavaro
VII. Action:
     a. Manifest: George Caccavaro
     b. School Admission Certificates: Mike Marcinkus / Virginia   Irwin
     c. Teacher Substitute Pay Schedule: Mike Marcinkus / Virginia Irwin
VIII. Agenda Items for Next Meeting
IX. Adjournment

Transfer Station

Its official summer is over. The transfer station ended its summer’s hours on Wednesday, October 13 and is now back to the regular schedule. Saturday 8 am to noon and Sunday noon to 4 pm.


The Grange

The Croydon Grange met on Wednesday, October 6 following a potluck supper. Rick Eastman donated a crocheted American Flag for the grange to raffle. Tickets are $1.00 each or six for $5.00. Raffle tickets are available from any grange member. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Veterans Dinner in November.

The Croydon Grange meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Croydon Town Hall. New members and visitors are always welcomed.

Please contact me with your information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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