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Gayle Hedrington

September 17, 2009

Croydon Community Day is Almost Here!
Do you have your hat for the “Hysterical Hat Contest?” If not, better get you decorations out and start. It is this coming Saturday, September 19, at Camp Coniston. I don’t know what time the hat contest takes place, but Community Day starts at 2 p.m. and continues until fireworks over Long Pond. 

My hat is halfway finished, and I am hoping to take home the grand prize, although I’m not sure what it is. I will give some hints. My hat has a green theme although the hat is not green, and it is made of grass and that’s all I’m saying. Thanks to Brenda Grimes who brought a hat to me. It was sweet of you. Thanks for the thought Brenda. 

Other activities for the day are Bike Rodeo, children’s crafts, canoeing and kayaking, Bar-B-Q chicken dinner, entertainment by the Croydon Singers and an ice cream social sponsored by the Croydon Congregational Church. As always, there are door prizes and wonderful conversations with all our friends and neighbors. Chief of Police Richard Lee will be on hand to issue Child I.D. kits. 

This is the final call to Croydon Flat residents to attend…. We must beat the Village at Tug-a-War this year! 

The Community Day committee is seeking volunteers for Friday evening food preparation and clean-up on Sunday. Individuals wishing to help should call Kim McKinney (603) 863-9340, Andrea Drew (603) 863-3149, or Sue Swan (603) 863-2060.
  Tea Party Participant  Bap Kresse of Croydon Flat went to Washington D.C. to participate in the Tea Party protest against the amount of spending by the Federal Government. According to World Net Daily, approximately one million American citizens went to the event.    School Bus Driver  The Croydon School board accepted the resignation with regrets, of school bus driver Loretta Green, at the September, 9 meeting. Friday, September 11 was her last day. For the time being Diane Callum is driving the route. Anyone interested in this position should call Diane Callum, bus manager, at 863-1007    Health Inspection Report lists New Deficiencies for Croydon Village School Items listed below are from the report by Croydon’s Health Officer – Steve Cunningham, presented at the school board meeting on September 9.  * Old metal shelving stored by playground should be removed.  * Septic tank cover by playground must be secured immediately. Currently too easily removed. 
* One front step loose, creating fall hazard. * Old picnic tables appear to be old style pressure treated lumber are unsafe per Fire Chief. * Old play slide should be evaluated for current safety standards and remove if out-dated.  * Water system currently unsafe due to presence of coli form bacteria. The water should not be used, as per consultation with Edward Murdough, NH Board of Education. Drinking water should be bottled; hygiene can be with water from safe source transported to school in containers, combined with using alcohol- based hand sanitizers such as Purell.  Jim Venzina gave an update on the water at the meeting. The last test on the water was okay, but another test is required.  Later in the meeting Matt Wittasek, member of the public, asked if someone could repair the fence around the school since it is falling off the rail and a student could fall through and onto Route 10. The school board said they would do something about the hazard.    A Day in the Life of Croydon On 09/09/09, I participated in A Day in The Life NH sponsored by WMUR, concentrating on people and activities happening in Croydon. My self-assigned mission was to drive on the back roads of NH and see what neighbors I hadn't met and those working in Croydon’s thriving down town were doing on this day. 

I stopped at Broken Road the Jeep Specialists in Croydon Flat and caught Andy Parker on the phone with a customer.  Took a quick snapshot and left. Curt Jr. pulled up while I was pulling out. 

The first person I saw out and about that day was Elaine Nelson, she was walking around her apple orchard picking up apples, or so it appeared. After introducing myself to Elaine, I learned she was shaking her apple trees. She does that so she can watch the deer feed on the apples in evenings. 

Nelson reports that deer feed on the pomes but are always aware of the surroundings, constantly listening and watching for intruders. “Oh, if I could have ears and eyes like you,” she whispers as she observes the creatures eating the fruits. In the evening stillness, Elaine hears the deer munching. 

Elaine loves animals and wildlife, and has raised several orphaned babies including “Unkey” the wild boar. Elaine named “Unkey” for the noises he made while rooting. He became famous, appearing in the newspapers and TV during the 80’s during the well-known court case to determine the wild boar’s fate. 

I left Elaine Nelson’s, and traveled down Loverin Hill, stopping at a large event- tent set up. I wandered on the property and met Chris Peters. Peters was in a state of absolute bliss, preparing for his wedding on September 12, to Jody LeBlanc. His joy and happiness was not only refreshing, it was contagious. Peters extended an invitation to me to attend the event; he wanted to share joy with everyone. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. I wish the Peters’ happiness and joy throughout their life. 

I also stopped at the Coniston Store, Croydon Village School, The Town Clerk’s Office, and the boat launch at Long Pond.


Please feel free to contact me with any information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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