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Gayle Hedrington

September 7, 2009

Summer’s End

My days are numbered. No, not that way, but for the days remaining to be able to sit on the porch steps and enjoy my morning and evening coffee. I have a wonderful refinished 60ish round metal table with an umbrella and nice comfortable chairs on my back deck yet I prefer to sit on the front stoop. 

I have pondered this all summer, and think it’s reminiscent of my childhood. All of the kids sat on their front steps watching who walked or rode by their houses. However, I cannot see the road from my front porch in the summer. I sit there to watch the hummingbirds feed on the scarlet bee balm, the honeybees on the mallows, and watch the butterflies as they flit from plant to plant. In the evening, I listen to the crickets and the bullfrog in the pond next door. 

After fifteen minutes of nature’s wonderment and caffeine, I am ready to tackle the challenges of the day or finish my projects. In the past week, I noticed the days are getting shorter, and colder. At times, I drank my coffee in the dark and wore a sweatshirt over my PJ's. When it got too cold, I went to the basement and sat by the wood stove… however, I am not ready to do that yet. Where did summer go? 

Since this was the last weekend of summer on Sunday, I went to the Croydon Store and had a soft serve for breakfast. It was such a beautiful day, and I longed to sit at an outdoor café and the Croydon Store was the only place I knew with an outside table. 

While there, I chatted with Lee Archambault, father of Mark who had a motorcycle accident in May. He reports Mark is doing well and back to his normal routine. Mark also was cutting the grass on the landing at Croydon Brook Road and Route 10 two weeks ago. Thanks Mark.

Lee and I talked about the coming winter and he told me that one winter the temperature dropped to about 35 below and he had two batteries on his truck. His truck was the only vehicle in town that started and for the rest of the day he gave jumps to everyone in the Village. I hope that is not what we have in store this winter, although feeding the wood stove every few hours gives me plenty of exercise. 



Gary Shepard former resident of Croydon and now residing in Sevierville TN is visiting his daughter Michelle and son in law Wayne Maynard of Croydon Flat. 

Jim and Lucy Vance of Spartanburg NC have returned to Croydon to visit their family over the Labor Day weekend. Seems like old home week. 


Lose for Good and The Local Food Pantry

As most of you know, I work for Weight Watchers and from now until October 17 Weight Watchers is having the second annual “Lose for Good” campaign. They are partnering with Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger to combat hunger. Weight Watchers will donate up to $1 million for every million pounds lost by members during this period. In addition, local meetings are teaming up with their community’s food pantry and asking members to donate one pound of food for every pound the member loses. 

Rich Chappell of the Newport Area Association of Churches Food Pantry came to talk with members last week, informed the group of the various needs, and challenges the food pantry faces. The pantry covers a wide area, Newport, Goshen, Lempster, Washington, Croydon, and parts of Unity and the need for food has increased since the economy has taken a downturn. The food pantry is seeing new faces and supplying food to those who have been coming there. 

What is needed is sugar free and low or no salt products as well as whole grain products. Many of the people that need the food pantry have special dietary requirements. What he does not need is boxed macaroni and cheese. If there is any way you can help the food pantry I am sure they will appreciate it. You can call them at (603) 863-3411 or you can call or email me for pick up. 


Croydon Community Days

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 19 for Croydon Community Days. There is something for everyone so gather up your family and come. Chief of Police Richard Lee will also have Identification Kits for children. Event starts at 2 p.m. and go until fireworks. Attention, Croydon Flat residents we need you for the tug of war. We will win this year. Also, start working on your hat for the Hysterical Hat Contest. 



Wednesday, Sept. 9 Croydon School Board Meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Croydon School. 

Thursday, Sept. 10. Bingo at the Croydon Vol. Fire Department. Doors open at 4:30 games start at 6:00. 

Update - Croydon Historical Society will not meet Sept. 12. Bert Smith is in the VA hospital in WRJ, and your "get well" cards would be welcomed. 

Saturday, Sept. 12. Croydon Historical Society Meeting at 10:30 a.m. in the Samuel Morse House.


Please feel free to contact me with any information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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