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Gayle Hedrington

August 21, 2009
Is DSL Available To You?
At the July 28 Select Board meeting, Lisa Birmingham, representative from Comcast asked about providing service to parts of Springfield Road in Croydon. According to the minutes the representative is to send a contract to the Selectboard. By the way, I am envious. 
Speaking of internet access, I attended a party on Saturday, it was on the Plainfield side of West Lebanon. The woman who owned the property shared with me that they could not get DSL. However she did try a satellite service and didn't like it. Then she had Fairpoint, which she didn't like any better as far as speed etc., so she bought a Verizon Wireless card and uses it, she gets service everywhere. So it may be another alternative for some, but unfortunately not me. We have three computers in the house..    Bottle Found Pamela Anderson found our message in a bottle. Imagine that! No not the movie star, but a reading teacher from western PA. Unfortunately or fortunately, Pam and her two daughter’s found the bottle the day after we sent it in the ocean. However our message “We hope this message brings joy to you and yours.” did bring joy to her daughters who were delighted to find a message bottle on the beach. 

Pam is a reading teacher, and plans to use the bottle experience as a project for her class to write on. So she was the perfect person to find the bottle, and I’m not disappointed. Next time however, we are going out in the kayaks and drop it off in the sea. 
  What's Up With The School Schedule? School starts on Thursday, Aug. 27 and then the school is closed, Monday, Aug. 31, for a teacher's workday. Then it is closed Friday, September 4, and Monday, September 7 for Labor Day Break. It seems ridiculous to start school and then immediately have days off. A group of us are starting a petition to not start school until after Labor Day. Contact me if you are interested.    Summer Funny I went to work the other night and the topic for the evening was recovering from summer. What??? It just came! We finally have good swimming weather, just as the leaves are giving a hint of fall. 
Croydon Historical Society Harry Newcomb, Willis Ballou, and Dot Ballou Gross, all addressed the historical society for the tribute to the Gross Family at the August 8 meeting. The historical society presented Rita Gross with a bouquet of flowers and a framed certificate of appreciation for her contributions.  Cynthia Phillips made beautiful yellow curtains for the display room at the Samuel Morse House. Cynthia’s talent amazes me. 

The next meeting of the historical society is on Saturday, September 12 at 10:30 a.m. 

On Sunday, August 16, Bap Kresse and I worked at the Samuel Morse House and Museum. As I was purusing some old books and papers, we made some interesting discoveries. One was an item in the Argus Spectator of the mid 1800's telling of a man in Louisiana who watered his pickles with vinegar. He claimed they made good pickles. 
While reading some diary entries of Dr. Delevan Marsh, we noticed he went to the "bog" almost every day. It appears he most likely had a cranberry bog on or near his property on Croydon Turnpike Road. He also played a lot of golf. I guess Doctors weren't much different in the 19th century. 

I also found an interesting newspaper article in the National Eagle about Deborah Samson who served as a solider in the Revolutionary War, and her husband was asking for a widower's pension. 

According to the article, Sampson served under the name Robert Shirtleffe and her identity was never discovered. She received her pension and was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis in Yorkville. In addition, she received injuries during battles, including one to her head. Samson was a resident of Sharon MA. You can read more on her at:
  On The Cheap "H20 Film on Water," Newport. contemporary art exhibit of water-themed art videos: The Newport Mill, on the bank of the Sugar River. Exhibition continues through Nov. 7. Information:

September 26, NH Fish and game is having an Outdoor Expo from 10 am to 3 pm. on the grounds of Fish and Game headquarters, 11 Hazen Dr., Concord NH. Exhibits and demonstrations of the latest outdoor gear. Over 50 exhibitors will be on hand with equipment, gadgets and hands-on demos. Sporting and hunting organizations and manufacturers will be present. Buck Gardener Calls, Quaker Boy Calls, Freedom Cycle and others will be on hand for questions. You can try out the archery range and a sport fishing simulator. 

At the hatchery truck, you'll see the big fish as well as New Hampshire hunting videos that will be showing all day. Of course there will be the "Forever Locked" battling moose mount exhibit as well as hunting dog demonstrations. All attendees will be entered into the free raffle for great prizes, including a Triumph Bone Collector .50 cal. muzzleloader donated by Thompson Center Arms, a handheld GPS unit from DeLorme, and fishing maps and guidebooks from Fishing Guides of New England.


Please feel free to contact me with any information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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