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Gayle Hedrington

July 27, 2009
Silver Anniversary

Wayne and Sue Swan celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary with a kiss. (Gayle Hedrington photo)

Susan and Wayne Swan celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, July 25 along with the Runnal family, during their annual reunion at the Swan's Croydon Turnpike residence. Although their official anniversary date is July 21, the couple wanted to celebrate it with the family during the yearly event. Susan and Wayne started the family reunion several years ago. 

Unbelievably, the Swans have four wedding dates. Wayne likes to say that he and Sue have been married five times and divorced once. Each met years after their prior divorces, but Sue's pastor refused to married them because they were divorced.
The couple already had the invitations printed and ready to go, postponing the wedding was not an option. Wayne solved the problem by arranging a marriage by a Justice of the Peace prior to the July 21 wedding date, allowing them to go ahead with their planned wedding in the church. Wayne explained that this eased the mind of the pastor, since he would be marrying two married people instead of divorcees.  Following the two weddings, the Swans had their union blessed in the Catholic Church and then in November 2001 the couple renewed their vows. It appears that getting married four times is the secret to a long and happy marriage, at least it is for the Swans.    Personal Notes Seamus Ritz-Williamson of Croydon Flat attended Manga Comics Power workshops in Nashua from July 20 through the 24. The Nashua Public Library provided the Japanese anime classes. While in Nashua, Seamus stayed with his father.  Wild Boar are running amuck again on Cash St. Bert Smith reports that groups of ten or larger are seen in the area. Last year the animals tore up Smith's lawn. They appear to have the same intent this season. 
H1N1 Update The news reports state that H1N1 will become more prevalent when school begins, In addition, on June 11 the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control) declared a global pandemic for it. I contacted Steve Cunningham, Health Officer for Croydon and he advised me that there are links to NH DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and to C.D.C. H1N1 flu on the Town website click on Health Officer and follow the links. You can go directly to the CDC H1N1 Website here: According to the C.D.C., New Hampshire has had 247 cases with no deaths. Wisconsin had the most cases reported 6222 with six deaths and Washington D.C. ranked lowest with 45 reported cases with no deaths.  Cunningham stated there is no vaccine yet for H1N1, so he has no information regarding shots for this strain of flu. However, he is diligently working on finding an inexpensive venue where Croydon residents can get  their regular flu shot.    Rocky Bound I love the new sign the town put up at Rocky Bound, with rules and regulations. The metal sign is sure to last longer than the paper notices. Thank you Selectmen.  A special thanks to Don Lussier who cleaned-up some muck around the edges of Rocky Bound last week.  In addition, if you haven't been down to the pond, the coming hot weather may be just the thing to get you there. You never know what you will see there. While swimming we noticed a boat with a mannequin aboard. Turns out they were using it for rescue practice.    Calendar Sunday, August 2, Samuel Morse House and Museum tour 1-4 pm.  Saturday, August 8, Croydon Historical Society Meeting, Samuel Morse House 10:30-Noon. Tribute to the Gross Family following meeting.  Tuesday, August 11 Selectmen's Meeting 7:30 p.m. Croydon Town Hall. Wednesday, August 12, School Board Meeting 6:30 p.m. in the Croydon Village School. 


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