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Gayle Hedrington

June 23, 2010

Finally warm weather, and I took my first visit to Rocky Bound pond. I was surprised and delighted to see someone had raked some of leaves that scatter the bottom of the pond each year. After a trip to the Coniston Store, I found out that it was Roxanne Turner. Thanks Roxanne. If anyone wants to volunteer to work on the pond, it's easy; just go there and find the rake behind the outhouse.

I was also surprised and pleased to find the picnic table I put down there last year survived the winter.

If anyone has an old wheel barrel they would like to donate to the cleanup, please call me at 863-9517 or email me at

Rocky Bound is a Croydon treasure, I love it for itís warm waters and the quiet.


School Board News

The Croydon school board met on Wednesday, June 16 and discussed the math program Trail Blazers. Unfortunately, no email notices went out for the meeting, and I was unaware of the meeting.

The next Area Agreement meeting is today at 6 PM in the media center at Newport Middle High School. Following the Area Agreement meeting is the SAU 43 meeting at 7 PM also in the media center. Agenda for the SAU 43 meeting follows:

I. Call to Order: R. Collins

II. Role Call: R. Collins

III. Approval of Minutes: 5/19/10

IV. Informational:

A. Board Meeting Reps

B. Topic Wish Lists

C. Procedures for Communicating

D. Knowns and Unknowns

V. Return to AREA Agreement meeting if needed

VI. Adjournment




Historical Society

The Samuel Morse House and Museum is opening in July and August on Saturday and Sundays Noon-3 PM. The following July demos are free and open to all:

July 4, Crochet Demonstration.

July 11, Rush Seat Canning

July 18, Goat Wool Spinning

July 25, Basket Weaving

The historical society completed a lot of work on the Samuel Morse House during the spring, and invites you come see the improvements, enjoy the free demos and take a tour.

Despite the rain the Croydon Historical Society held its annual yard sale on Saturday, June 12. The hearty volunteers and shoppers kept going until 2 PM. If you didn't make it to the sale, you missed some great bargains on kitchen appliances, linens, books and a lot of white elephants.

Cindy Enos of Brighton Road was the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle, winning $35.

Although the crowd was thin due to the rain the historical society recognized about $500 for their efforts.

The society thanks everyone for their donations, and the shoppers that helped make the event a success.


The Grange

Stephen Tracy manned the food table for the Croydon Grange at the CHS yard sale. Sales totaled $13 and is the total sum of the newly formed group's treasury. The next Grange meeting is on Wednesday, July 7 at 7 PM. in the Town Hall. New members and visitors are always welcome.


Parking Lot

Plans are underway to put a town parking lot on the Samuel Morse property. The lot will be on the town hall side of the Samuel Morse House and will have 18 parking spaces. The town is undertaking the project because the state does not want cars backing up onto Rt. 10 as they do from the current parking lot.


Please contact me with your information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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