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Gayle Hedrington

May 12, 2009

On Saturday, May 9, the Croydon Historical Society met and elected its officers for the next year. President is Clayton Phillips, Vice President is Sue Smith, Secretary is Baps Kresse, and Treasurer is Bert Smith.  

Following the business meeting, Sue Hunt played her accordion to entertain the members and guests with "Name that Tune."

The next Croydon Historical Society meeting is June 13, 2009 at 10:30 AM - Business meeting. Skip Beard and/or Donnie Lussier will talk about Croydon's roads.

Congratulations to: Norma Menard, Amanda Leslie, Tom Leslie, Barbara Harding, Deb Gardner, Joe Barraca, Jeff Heath, Julies Carson, David Hooley, and Lori Kangas all are winners to the Spring Fling luncheon at the Samuel Morse House on May 17th.  The event is sponsored by the Croydon Historical Society.  

The historical society is holding it's annual yard sale on Saturday, June 20.  Anyone wishing to donate items for this event can contact: Clayton Phillips 863-1119, Bap Kresse 863-1449, or Bert Smith at 863-4027. 

On Saturday, June 13 the Croydon Fire Department is having a flea market and Chicken BBQ.  Tables for the flea market are $15.00 for inside tables and $10.00 for a table outdoors.


High Speed Internet Update

Check your connection here.

I am happy to report that I received emails from two separate companies regarding internet access in Croydon.  The first one came from and was sent to the Selectmen. It reads as follows.

Today I took an opportunity to drive through Croydon after concluding some business in Newport. I believe there is potential for a point-to-point wireless Internet access network in the central flatland areas of town. Point-to-point internet needs clear line of sight between an access point antenna and subscriber antennas. The signal does not travel over granite ledges or through dense foliage. What we look for is a committed customer base of 20 to 25 households or business with clear or nearly clear line of sight to a high point in the area. High point is a roof top, for example. Then we contract with a wired service provider such as Fairpoint, AT&T or others to bring in a carrier-class uplink such as a T1 line. The equipment to build out such a network is more expensive than conventional wired DSL but provides very good service, better than satellite and equal to wired DSL.

I would be happy to meet with you and discuss the potential for such a system in Croydon.

Bill Thompson, IAMNET, Inc. 603-938-2127

The second response was from Al Guimont of Fairpoint Communications, and it reads as follows. 

I am very sorry that you had a difficult time trying to call me. This your email dated from mid April was just forwarded to me. Iím not sure what number you were calling but that aside it appears to have happened about the time I was relocating to another area. I do apologize for the disconnect. Iím in possession of the petition from Croydon containing approximately 270 names. This information is stored in our data base of interested customers and is used by our Planning and Engineering team to determine where service should be deployed. Iím unable to tell you why one community in one state is put on a time line ahead of one in another location. Schedules and time lines have been drafted and all things are subject to change. Currently the facilities that serve your exchange are out of Newport and are scheduled for upgrades to their Central Office at the end of 2010. So I must ask for your continued patience.

I forwarded the letter to the Selectboard.

Please feel free to contact me with any information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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