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Gayle Hedrington

March 30, 2009

Tickets sales for Ice Out on Spectacle Pond were stopped early. The ice is leaving faster than expected and the timing device was about to drop according to Bert Smith on March 27. Sales from the tickets benefit the Croydon Congregational Church’s Missionary Outreach. Winner will receive one-half of the proceeds.


Spring Fling

The Croydon Historical Society is selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a "Spring Fling" luncheon for two on Sunday, May 17 from 1-3 p.m. in the Samuel Morse House. Tickets are $5.00 each and good for luncheon for two. Only 100 raffle tickets are available for sale. Raffle drawing is on May 9. Only ten raffle tickets will win. For more information or to buy a ticket call Cody Kangus at 863-3099, Barbara Kresse at 863-1449, Bert Smith at 863-4027 or Jane Dearden at 863-5353.


Concord News

State Representative and Croydon resident Tom Howard expressed his relief that House Bill 224, which would require swimmers who go outside marked swim lines or more than 150 feet from shore to wear brightly colored caps, is off the consent calendar. He was also concerned over the House passing the gay marriage bill.

Howard went on to say he has no regret by voting for the $65,000.00 cut in the Croydon School Budget stating that each year the budget grows and that the $65,000.00 is a small amount of the total school budget. If corners were cut and spending watched he sees no reason for cutting programs.


Personal Notes

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on March 19. Dottie Smith is currently at the Clough Extended Care Center. Congratulations Bert and Dottie.

April Birthdays

Birthday wishes the following Croydon children who celebrate birthdays in April: Carter Gardner April 3, Wesley Ritz-Williamson April 7, and Mason Ballou April 16.


On The Cheap

Free - Discover Wild New Hampshire Day. Saturday, April 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department on Hazen Drive, Concord. A fun festival is fun for all ages. Kids can try archery, cast with the "Let's Go Fishing" program or do wildlife craft projects. See retriever dogs in action, big trout, and salmon in a real stocking truck, trained falcons and battling bull moose. Check out gas-saving hybrid vehicles and ideas for conserving energy and protecting our environment. Throughout the day, enjoy ongoing exhibits, presentations, walks, and demonstrations. See for details.



Betty's Diary

Well now, I'll begin my real diary. New Year's Day and Paul beat me. He opened my door before day light, just as the clock was striking four and shouts Happy New Year and that woke Aunt Lucy and made her mad, but she got right up and made us get up too. She said it was wasting kerosene and she'd teach us to wake the whole family up at that time of day.

I wasn't to blame but she always punishes us both for what the other one does, but than two is company. So we had to go down in the cold and freeze while she built the fire. I had to work on my patchwork, how I hate it, and poor Paul had to split kindling out in the cold wood shed by lantern light. It seemed as if breakfast would never be ready cause we had to wait for the normal time.



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