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Gayle Hedrington

March 18, 2010

The 2010 Town Meeting 

Town Moderator - 2 years - Willis Ballou - uncontested

Select board member - 3 years - John Clements- uncontested

Trustee of Trust Funds and Cemeteries - 3 years - Bap Kresse - uncontested.

Supervisor of the Checklist - 6 years - Lawrence Rawls - uncontested

School Officers

School Board member - 3 year term - Delia Wittasek 69 and Gayle Hedrington 46

School Moderator - 1 year term Willis Ballou uncontested

School Secretary - 1 year term Brenda McGuire - Write-in

School Treasurer - 1 year term Kim McKinney - uncontested.

Forty Five Croydon residents passed Croydon’s Town Warrant as read. There was one discussion on Article 9 concerning the town's purchase of new assessment software. The debate centered on paying for it in one year or dividing it into two separate payments. The article was passed as read: Article 9 To see if the Town will raise and (appropriate the sum of Twelve Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($12,500) for the purchase of New Assessing and Tax Collecting Software, conversion and support. (passed)

Although 64 came to Croydon’s Annual School Meeting it was poor showing for both meetings with 700 plus residents in town. All articles on the annual school warrant passed as read, except for Article 2 which was increased by $5,000 on the request of Matthew Wittasek to provide library cards and field trips for the Croydon Village School students.

Wittasek also commented that due to the $68,000 cut from the school budget voted on during last year’s town meeting caused students in the Croydon Village School have suffered consequences.

School board member Jim Peschke took a moment to clarify that the $68,000 was not a cut in the budget. It was a decrease in the increase to the budget noting that last year’s school budget was larger than the prior year. Linda Schultz out going school board member further explained that Croydon received less grants and federal funds last year, which was the reason the school board made some of the choices they did.

Article 2 

Originally read: 

To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Million Three Hundred Three Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One Dollars ($1,303,771) for the support of schools, for the payment of salaries for the school district officials and agents, and for the payment of the statutory obligations of the district. This article does not include appropriations voted in other warrant articles.

Amended to read: 

To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Million Three Hundred Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One Dollars ($1,308,771) (the $5,000 increase to be used for library cards in Newport and for field trips) (Estimated Additional Tax Impact changed from $2.05/$1000 to $2.10/$1000)


Jane Dearden questioned the increase in tuition, in particular for the high school. Business manager Jim Venzini stated the reason for the increase is Croydon is sending seven students to Newport High School this year, and last year they sent three.

Dearden further questioned him on the teacher - student ratio since it is part of the “formula” used to determine Croydon’s tuition. Venzini explained that Croydon tuition rate is figured 2 years behind and that at that time Newport did have some classes that had few students, but since then the school has let go of 10 teachers. Venzini noted that the increase to the tuition is 23 plus percent for the year.

Other articles passed:


To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) to be added to the existing capital reserve fund known as Capital Reserve Fund - Transportation. (Estimated Tax Impact $0.21 / $1,000) (passed as read)


To see if the District will vote on the following question: "Shall the school district accept the provisions of RSA 198:20-b providing that any school district at an annual meeting may adopt an article authorizing indefinitely, until specific rescission of such authority, the school board to apply for, accept and expend, without further action by the school district, unanticipated money from a state, federal, or other governmental unit or a private source which becomes available during the fiscal year" (passed as read)


Shall the Croydon School District accept the provisions of RSA 19S-A:14, providing for a committee to be formed to conduct a feasibility study to recommend any modifications or termination of the current AREA agreement with the Newport School District. The study committee would include Board Members from each district, Superintendent of School (as a non-voting member) parents, community members and a Town Official. (passed as read)


To transact any other business hat may legally come before the meeting. 

The Croydon PTO bought flowers for retiring superintendent Marilyn Brannigan and ex- Croydon School Teacher Lynn Touchette and thanked them for their years of service.

Kim McKinney asked about the problems on the school bus and if the offenders were asked not to ride the bus again. Superintendent Marilyn Brannigan said the problem was taken care of and stated there was a paid bus monitor on the bus three days a week, in the afternoons.

Principle of the Croydon Village School Jean Baker stated that there are problems because Croydon only has the one bus, and teens are riding with younger students and Croydon has no special education bus, and the bus is crowded.

Gayle Hedrington thanked Patti Lusier and Jan Michel for their volunteer work. Both women keep track of what students live in Croydon and attend every school board meeting.

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