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Gayle Hedrington

March 13, 2009


Signs that Spring's in Croydon

  • Don Lussier Road Agent has dirt roads posted.

  • The Croydon Congregational Church is selling ice out chances.

  • Town Meeting

  • Croydon Historical Society is selling raffle tickets for "Spring Fling".

  • Mud ruts on dirt roads keep Donnie busy for the month of March.

Yes, spring is on the way, but it is hard to believe when temperatures are still in the high teens and low twenties. If you would like to see the current weather in Croydon or the history of the weather for the current month visit Croydon's weather station You can also get there from The Town of Croydon's website at:


Election Day

Election Day brought some changes to our town. Charlene Little is now Town Clerk, and Brenda McGuire is now Deputy Town Clerk. In addition, Jim Peschke is the new school board member, replacing outgoing Carol Marsh.

We thank Brenda and Carol for all the years they served our town.


Ice Out

Do you know, or can you guess when the last piece of ice will leave Spectacle Pond? If so, stop by the Town Clerk's Office and buy a chance for $1.00. Tickets sales stop on April 1.


 Spring Fling

The Croydon Historical Society is selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a "Spring Fling" luncheon for two on Sunday, May 17 from 1-3 p.m. in the Samuel Morse House. Tickets are $5.00 each and good for luncheon for two. Only 100 raffle tickets are available for sale. For more information or to buy a ticket call Cody Kangus at 863-3099, Barbara Kresse at 863-1449, Bert Smith at 863-4027 or Jane Dearden at 863-5353.



On the Cheap

Potters celebrate Mud Season, Saturday, March 21, in Windsor Vt. Event is free and open to all ages: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Simon Pearce, 109 Park Road, free. Learn how to throw on the potter's wheel with a master potter. For more information, call (802) 674-6280.



More of Betty's Diary

We used to live in the city, but this is the country. We kind of like it here only Aunt Lucy aint't nice without meaning not to be. They call her an old maid here and say that she was disappointed in love. Granny's awful nice and there are some nice children neighbors to play with.

We had an awfully nice Christmas, a tree and papa gave each of us a new sled, and Paul an air riffle, and Aunt Lucy mad. Paul is tickled and so am I because I've used it but that's a secret. Aunt Lucy says there ain't no Santa Claus but Paul and I don't believe it. Our mama used to say there was one, and he always filled our stockings when we hung them up empty. They'd be chuck full in the morning. We told Aunt Lucy we would prove it to her, but she said we needn't hang them up. Granny and Papa said let them if they want to Lucy so we did, and sure enough they were full, both of them with candy, nuts and oranges. I said now what do you think Aunt Lucy? She didn't say nothing. I guess she was ashamed. To be continued

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