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Gayle Hedrington

March 6, 2009

Pupils in the Croydon Kindergarten celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday (March 2) this week. They made hats and participated in Read Across America sponsored by Random House and the National Education Association (NEA). Read Across America is featuring Dr. Seuss this year because he epitomizes a love of children and learning.


Town Meeting

A quick look through the Town Report shows increases in the following for the Warrant Articles from the proposed Warrant Articles from last year. $1,000 for Town Officers and Salaries, $100 increase in Social Security, $10,000 increase in Insurance, $200 increase to New London Dispatch, $15,000 in General Highway Expense.

Decreases are in the following areas: $1,250.00 for Election & Registrations, $500 for Planning and Zoning, $300.00 for Street Lighting, $12,000 for Trash/Removal Transfer Station, $742 for Health Agencies.

Total increase from proposed budget of 2008 to 2009 is $11,508.00


School Meeting

Increases are in the proposed budget: $55,000 for proposed expendable trust fund under provisions of RSA 198:20c. To be known as General Education Tuition Reserve fund for balancing the districts' general education tuition and to name the school board as agents to expend from this fund.

Decreases are in the following: $2,500 for Capital Reserve Building Fund, $15,620 decrease in for payment of salaries for school district officials and agents.

This Tuesday we go to elect our officials. I was surprised to receive a letter from Matt Wittasek today announcing he was running as a write-in for school board member. I have attended many school board meetings and do not recall seeing him in attendance. I also worked on two committees for the school tuition and growth and he did not serve on them.

How can someone run for an office if they are not familiar with the real issues facing Croydon and its children's education?

I have nothing against Mr. Wittasek except I am curious as to why this interest in being a school board member and not attending meetings or serving on committees. It makes me question his intentions.

It is easy to send a letter out a week before an election without anytime for the voters to get to know a candidate and too late to appear in the Croydon News.

For this reason, I am voting for Jim Peschke who published his platform three weeks prior to the election. He made it available for the voters to view along with his phone number. Jim also served on the Long Term Planning Committee for the school and spent hours of his own time on the endeavor in addition to attending most school board meetings.

Although Jim and I have had disagreements on various issues, I know where Jim Peschke stands and that he is a man of his word.


Story Telling at the Inn

Sharon Woods was guest storyteller at The Danbury Inn on Sunday, March 8, for the Story Telling Brunch. Sharon Woods has been a professional storyteller since 1995. Her pride in her Eastern European roots led her to build a repertoire of Folktales from Around the World for audiences of all ages. You can check out all the other Story Telling Brunches at



Return of Betty's Diary

I can't tell exactly what did happen because I was little but an awful nice man who gave us candy and such used to come to our house, we called Uncle Philip. He played with us after awhile some how Papa didn't laugh so much and Mama cried a lot. They kind of hollered at each other. It seems Papa didn't like him, but Mama did and one day when we got up in the morning we couldn't find our Mama anywhere and Papa was cross. Then Aunt Lucy came and brought us up to our Granny's house.

Papa comes up to visit us but nobody lets us ask any questions about Mama or nothing and Paul and I feel awful about it. Once we tried to find her, but everyone went looking for us and brought us home.

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