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Gayle Hedrington

February 22, 2010

Wacky Weekend Weather 

What a crazy weekend. Saturday had the temperatures warm and balmy, winter coats felt too heavy, and the ice skating rink on Newport Common turned to slush.. What a difference a day makes to use a cliché. Sunday was downright cold, mother nature's practical joke, just when you thought it was safe to think spring. 

This weekend there were several ice fishermen on Spectacle Pond, and some snowmobiles reminded me that winter is still ever-present. However, Emily Smith and Jody Underwood lightened my spirits by reporting they have started sugaring at the Bardo Project. Emily reports that 30 gallons of sap was gathered Saturday. She admits it isn't much but it does signify the start of sugaring season. 

The Smiths and the Underwoods sugar the old fashion way, with taps and buckets. Quite an undertaking since their homestead sits on 210 acres. Emily and her husband Neil take a four wheeler to collect the sap. Anyone interested in learning about sugaring is invited to stop by the Bardo Project on Forehand Road.

One more sign of spring in town this weekend is the Coniston Store has chances for the "Ice Out Day" of Spectacle Pond. Chances are $1.00 and you need to fill out a date and time for ice out. The proceeds benefit the Croydon Congregational Church. 

I'll know spring is really on it's way when Donnie Lusier posts the roads. 

This and That 

Joseph Daltorio of Croydon, NH was one of 500 students who made the President's List for achieving a grade point average of 3.7 or better during the fall semester of the 2009-2010 academic year at Plymouth State University, Plymouth NH. 


Croydon residents wishing to file abatement for last year taxes, must do so before March. 1, 2010. You can pick up an abatement form at the Town Clerk’s Office, or download one from the Town Web Site at: 

Town Reports

Everyone eagerly awaits the Town Report to go over the Town and School budgets. The budgets also contain a lot of historical information. If you are doing genealogy or are a history buff doing research you can check out back issues of Croydon Town Reports at The oldest report they have listed so far is 1892.

Town Budget Hearing and Warrant

The Selectman held their budget hearing on Tuesday, February 9 at 7:30 pm and only one member of the public attended. The hearing ended before 8:30 and the Warrant articles are on the Croydon website at: and click on the Selectboard Link.

School Warrant

Croydon School District held a budget hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 6:30 pm. The articles for the warrant appear below. 


To the inhabitants of the School District in the town of Croydon qualified to vote on district affairs: 

You are hereby notified to meet at the Town Hall located on Route 10 said district, on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 1:00 PM to act upon the articles set forth in this warrant not covering the election of district officers. The election of officers by official ballot will take place at the Town Hall on the 9th day of March 2010 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM . 

To hear reports of agents, auditors, committees or officers chosen and pass any vote relating thereto. 

To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Million Three Hundred Three Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One Dollars ($1,303,771) for the support of schools, for the payment of salaries for the school district officials and agents, and for the payment of the statutory obligations of the district. This article does not include appropriations voted in other warrant articles. (Estimated Additional Tax Impact $2.05/ $1,000) 

To see if the School District will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) to be added to the existing capital reserve fund known as Capital Reserve Fund - Transportation. 
(Estimated Tax Impact $0.21 / $1,000) 

To see if the District will vote on the following question: "Shall the school district accept the provisions of RSA 198:20-b providing that any school district at an annual meeting may adopt an article authorizing indefinitely, until specific rescission of such authority, the school board to apply for, accept and expend, without further action by the school district, unanticipated money from a state, federal, or other governmental unit or a private source which becomes available during the fiscal year” 

Shall the Croydon School District accept the provisions of RSA 19S-A:14, providing for a committee to be formed to conduct a feasibility study to recommend any modifications or termination of the current AREA agreement with the Newport School District. The study committee would include Board Members from each district, Superintendent of School (as a non-voting member) parents, community members and a Town Official. 

To transact any other business hat may legally come before the meeting.


Please contact me with your information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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