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Gayle Hedrington

February 13, 2008
Last weekend a woman in my writing group mentioned she read that human's DNA can process only news that would affect a village.  It is a wonderful concept, and of course started me thinking about the Croydon News. 

It may seem like we could contain our news to our small town, but on second thought we have some sectors of our lives that reach beyond our town.  A small example is our trust funds which need to be invested.  Of course that makes news of Wall Street important to our village for our budgeting concerns.  

Many of our residents have family scattered throughout the country so news from various places is also important. Now this morning I am pondering what news doesn't affect our community? Although a lot of news stories don't affect directly, many do indirectly.  So where is the stopping point?  I would love to hear your ideas on this.


February Birthdays

Feb. 12th was my birthday and thanks to Representatives Beverly Rodeschin and Tom Howard for having me as their guest at the joint session of the legislature and "Live The Legacy" The Bicentennial Of The Birth Of Abraham Lincoln. 

Stephen Woods, Lincoln Presenter gave the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. Following the presentation, participants and guests went over to Tucker's Library for birthday cake and to enjoy the exhibit on Lincoln on exhibit at the library.  It was wonderful to share my birthday with Lincoln. 

Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday wishes to Linda Schultz and Ben Platt.  Both Linda and Ben are Valentine Day Babies. Ben is celebrating his 13th year and Linda is turning 29.


Betty's Journal (part 2)
 by Molly Bingham Loverin

I guess I'm going to write in this every day.  I better go back and tell all of my past history because if after I get to be a big story writer and should die, somebody would want to write my life story and I want them to get it right.

The first thing I remember is living in an awfully pretty house. Oh! It was prettier than anything I've ever seen.  My mother was pretty and sweet and my father was awful nice and I was happy and didnít have to worry about keeping my toe nails so short they wouldnít wear out my stocking or something they were happy days. Paul says so too, heís my twin brother.

Itís sort of unusual to be a twin but we like it and often thought that if I should get tired of being a girl, and Paul got tired of being a boy I could let my hair be cut and Paul grow his out and swap clothes and nobodyíd know the difference because they didnít when we was young and dressed just alike.  

To be continued..


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