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Gayle Hedrington

January 24, 2011

According to Bap Kresse it was -11degrees at 8:00 am on Monday, January 24, 2011 in Croydon Flat. Brrr…. How are you keeping warm?

Ice Fishing is going good this year on Rocky Bound Pond. According to Phil Mahue, a resident on the pond reports that there are several fishing huts set up on the frozen pond. In addition, Mahue said people come ice fishing for the day with temporary shacks.

The Croydon Historical Society is changing the meeting dates and times for the upcoming year in order for more people to attend. They will meet on the following n The Croydon Town Hall, February 21 at 1:00 pm. Saturday March 5, 10:30 am. April 5 6 pm. Saturday May 14 10:30 am. New members and visitors are welcome to attend.

The Grange meets on Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 7 pm in the Croydon Town Hall. Visitors and new members are welcome.

Croydon Selectmen are waiting for the budget to return from Concord, and they will hold a Budget Hearing on Tuesday, February 8 at 7:00 pm.

The following Town and School open offices for Croydon Residents seeking any of the following offices have from Jan. 19- Jan. 28 to file at the Town Clerk’s office during regular business hours.


Town Treasurer – 3-year term

Trustee of the Trust Fund – 3-year term

Select Board – 3-year term




School Board Member – 2-year term

School Board Member -3 year term

Moderator – 1-year term

School Clerk – 1-year term

School Treasurer – 1-year term.

Don’t forget, if you and/or your children made a snowman, give me a call or drop me an email.  603-863-9517 or

This week’s snowman is from Croydon Brook Road..



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