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Gayle Hedrington

January 4, 2010
Updated Jan. 10 

Update: Pick up a free copy of The Intertown Record newspaper with any purchase at the Coniston Store on RT 10 in the Village.

Despite yesterday's snow and whipping winds, approximately 175 people attended the wine and cheese reception for Republican Candidate for State Representative District 2, Steve Cunningham, at Newport Mills in Newport.

William Ruger Jr. addressed the crowd and asked for a show of hands if they were happy with the direction our country is taking. No one raised his or her hand. He thanked everyone for attending, announced his support for Cunningham, and introduced John Clements, fiduciary officer for Cunningham's campaign.

Introducing Cunningham, Clements spoke of Cunningham's fiscally conservative traits, noting that he treats tax dollars as his own money.

District 2 Representative candidate, Steve Cunningham, at Newport Mills reception, Dec. 3. (Gayle Hedrington photo) 

Steve Cunningham began his speech by thanking his wife and those who have helped him mount his campaign, and promised to keep his speech to five minutes. He kept that promise, but first he vowed that if he were elected he would vote to undo all the 38 tax increases that were voted-in last year.

One of the tax increases that passed was the 5 percent reduction of the state's share of school costs, requiring school districts to make up the difference for the next fiscal year (FY). Another 5 percent increase will be added in FY 2011, increasing communities' portion from 65 percent, set in 1970, to 75 percent. This has been an added burden to towns.

Cunningham urged his supporters to go out and vote in the Special Election, Tuesday, Jan. 12, to fill the seat of Tony Maiola, who resigned for health reasons, last September. Cunningham faces opponent Democrat Arthur Jillette of Goshen.

Many of NH's noted Republicans attended the event, including State Senate District 8 Senator Bob Odell, US Congress Candidate, Jennifer Horn, State Representatives Beverly Rodeschin, Tom Howard, and Joe Osgood.

(Gayle Hedrington photo)

In addition to the short and informative speeches, William Ruger Jr. had the Ruger antique car collection on display. The collection contains the only two Ruger Cars in the world designed by William B. Ruger Sr. in the late 1960s. Although they look like older cars, they are high performance vehicles and can take corners at 60 mph.

School Budget News

According to school board member Jim Peschke, it is estimated that the school budget is estimated to rise 29 percent for the next fiscal year according to SAU 43 business manager Jim Vezina. The school board is meeting on the budget this month, though no date was set as of Sunday, Jan. 3, but it will be January 16, or 23. Stay tuned for details.

ZBA Hearing

The Zoning Board of Adjustments is meeting on Monday, Jan. 11 at 6 pm on a variance for 39 Indian Point Road, Robert, and Dale Cunningham property, Map 8 Lot 132. The engineer is Pierre J. Bedard of Wilmot NH. A brief description of the permit variance being requested: To allow installation of a replacement septic system and a well within the 35-foot setbacks of neighboring properties.


Special Election

The Special election for NH State Representative for District 2 (Croydon, Springfield, Newport, Goshen, and Washington) is on Tuesday, Jan 12. Polls are open at the Croydon Town Hall from 8 am - 7 pm for Croydon residents.

2010 Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office Hours

Monday and Tuesday, Noon - 6:00 pm.
Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

The Town Clerks Office be closed on the following 2010 holidays:

Monday, May 31
Monday, September 6
Thursday, November 25


What wonderful folks read my column. I have had several email inquires regarding Alycia asking me if there is a special fund. There is not. Now that the holidays are over, I am going to check on what is involved in setting one up and how to contact Alycia. I have no idea who this young lady is and would welcome help from anyone who can help me in this matter.


Please contact me with your information, news, announcements or just to say hello at Have a great week.

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