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Gayle Hedrington
July 9, 2008

Another Successful Yard Sale For the Croydon Historical Society

The warm weather, great donations, and wonderful buyers all contributed to another successful yard sale for the Croydon Historical Society on Sat. June 21.  One of the most unusual items that was for sale, was a microphone mug.  I don’t know who bought it… but I hope they enjoy it. Sara Edes of Newport was the lucky winner of the 50/50 winning $82.00.  Congratulations Sara Edes and thanks for attending this event.

The historical society thanks everyone who donated items for the yard sale. You are a great part of their success.  Thanks also to all the buyers, and folks who bought 50/50 chances. Again we could not do this without you.   If you have items that you want to donate for next year’s sale, it’s never too early.  Contact any member and we will arrange for pick up. Samuel Morse House Tours

The Samuel Morse house will be open every Sun. from 1-4 p.m. starting July 6, 2008 .  Tours of the house are free and opened to the public.  Directions: Follow Rt. 10 into the Croydon Village , the yellow house is located across from the Coniston Store.


Croydon Historical Society 2008 Christmas Ball  

The Croydon Historical  Society’s Christmas Ball for 2008 will portray The Stevens/Gross House. It is currently the home of Rita Gross and the late “Bud” Gerald Gross. The Stevens/Gross House served Croydon as the Sugar River Telephone Company 1911-1938. 

Susan ( Dunbar ) Gross was the only telephone operator employed by the company, established by a group of businessmen from Grantham and Croydon in 1902. Susan Dunbar Gross was the telephone operator a total of 36 years, first in Grantham and the Stevens/Gross house in Croydon.

The home was built on an old foundation by Nathaniel Stevens in 1882. Nathaniel, Hannah (Gross), and their nephew Dana Stevens Gross lived in the home.  Dana grew up and served as General Manager of the phone company from 1904-1938 and installed the first telephone line on Croydon Mountain .   His son Gerald Gross NH District Fire Chief installed the last telephone line on the mountain.    

Costs of the Christmas ball is $9.00 and can be obtained from Croydon Historical Society members.  Call Bert Smith at 863-4027, or stop by the Samuel Morse House on Sunday’s 1-4 during July and August.


Chinese Auction

   The Croydon Congregational Church is hosting a Chinese Auction at the Croydon Fire Station on Saturday, July 19 from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. In addition to a wide array of items chances are being sold on a Ruger Rifle.

Road Paving

   Paving of Croydon Brook Road, in Croydon will begin on Wed. July 16. 


   The rainy weather in June is making up for the dry April we had. So far this month, Croydon has received 2.2 inches of rain.  Visit Croydon’s Weather Station at:

On the Cheap

   You can save on gas and help others find the cheapest gas in most towns in NH by going to

Personal Notes

   Happy Birthday wishes to Dottie Smith who celebrated her birthday on June 28th.  Dottie is still recuperating at the Clough Center in New London.

   Happy Anniversary wishes to Mae and Frank Kovacs, celebrating their 62 Anniversary on July 13.


List of Students Croydon Tuition to Newport 2004-2007

I still have not received the list of the students that was requested on June 12, 2008.  Although I have received a phone call from one of the families involved.  I did receive a packet with the tuition from list from last year, but not the ones for the earlier years as requested.


Long Term School Planning Committee

The Long Term School Planning Committee is meeting on Thurs. July 17 at 7:00 pm in the Croydon Village School.  The team will be going over the surveys sent out in May.  All taxpayers and parents are invited to attend.   

Selectmen’s Minutes

Select Board Attending: James Harding, John Clements, and David Hooley.  Public Attending: Jane Dearden, Clayton Phillips, and Albert Smith.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Croydon Historical Society came in to renew their rental agreement for the Morse house.  The rental agreement was renewed through June 2010.  The Historical Society paid the $2.00 (two dollars).

The rest of the evening was dedicated to administrative duties. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


For news, announcements, or complaints, call 863-9517 or email me at

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