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Gayle Hedrington

Lorie McClory
New London
Kim Hallquist
Jessie Levine
Town Administrator
Sasha Wolfe

NH Senate
Bob Odell
Senate Dist. 8
NH House
Chuck Weed
Cheshire Dist. 3
NH House
Steve Cunningham
Sullivan Dist. 2
Jeff Feingold Commentary
Jeff Feingold
NH House
Patricia "Ricia" McMahon
Merrimack Dist. 3
Marie Lozito
NH House
Steve Winter
Merrimack Dist. 3
Spec Bowers
GOP Chairman
Sullivan County
NH House
Steve Smith
Sullivan Dist. 11

and Newbury
Ken Schuster

01-24-11 Gayle Hedrington's Jan. 24, 2011 column.
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08-02-10 Gayle Hedrington's Aug. 2, 2010 column. ("Riding the Rails")
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12-14-09 Gayle Hedrington's Dec. 14, 2009 column.
12-07-09 Gayle Hedrington's Dec. 7, 2009 column.
11-30-09 Gayle Hedrington's Nov. 30, 2009 column.
11-23-09 Gayle Hedrington's Nov. 23, 2009 column.
11-18-09 Gayle Hedrington - Croydon honors veterans
11-15-09 Gayle Hedrington - H1N1 Exactly What is Going On?
11-09-09 Gayle Hedrington's Nov. 9, 2009 column.
11-02-09 Gayle Hedrington's Nov. 2, 2009 column.
10-26-09 Gayle Hedrington's Oct. 26, 2009 column.
10-18-09 Gayle Hedrington's Oct. 18, 2009 column.
10-13-09 Gayle Hedrington's Oct. 13, 2009 column.
10-05-09 Gayle Hedrington's Oct. 5, 2009 column.
09-28-09 Gayle Hedrington's Sep. 28, 2009 column.
09-20-09 Gayle Hedrington's Sep. 20, 2009 column, and Bert Smith obituary.
09-17-09 Gayle Hedrington's Sep. 17, 2009 column, and "A Day in the Life of Croydon"
H2O Gayle Hedrington's Sep. 7, 2009 review of "H2O Film on Water" exhibit.
09-07-09 Gayle Hedrington's Sep. 7, 2009 column.
08-30-09 Croydon Community Day - Hysterical Hat is back, plus chicken BBQ, music, fireworks, bicycle rodeo, face painting, watermelon eating contest, children's crafts, paddling, sailing and the infamous tug 'o war. Kim McKinney, Dena Scalfani, Sue Swan, and Andrea Drew started it all.; Property cards at Town Office.; Selectmen's meeting minutes - David Allen, Charlene Little, "Oldest Living Croydon Veteran," Lisa Birmingham from Comcast, Steve Cunningham, bus to DHMC for free flu shots, Craig Nichols; Zoning Board variance application; Historical Society meeting; On The Cheap...
08-21-09 Can you get a decent  internet connection... DSL, cable, satellite, wireless card?; Pamela Anderson found our Cape May message bottle.; Sign the petition to revise this ridiculous school schedule!; Harry Newcomb, Willis Ballou, Dot Ballou Gross, Rita Gross at Croydon Historical Society. Cynthia Phillips' curtains at Samuel Morse House. Bap Kresse and I made interesting discoveries at the Samuel Morse House and Museum.; On The Cheap... 
08-12-09 A nostalgic visit to Cape May, NJ.
08-02-09 Old Home Week - a tradition since 1898.; Historical Society - Gross Family tribute. Samuel Morse House and Museum free tour and ice cream. Annual Christmas ball ornament sale.; Bap Kresse's antique store on Corydon Brook Rd. is open for business.; On The Cheap - great discounts and free events... Canobie Club, The Fells, NH History Museum, Heritage Quest, Little Red School House, Shattuck Observatory, Off-trail Farnum Hill Outing with Naturalist Alcott Smith.; Calendar...
07-27-09 25 years on the 25th - Susan and Wayne Swan celebrated their four-wedding anniversary.; Seamus Ritz-Williamson attends Japanese anime workshops.; Bert Smith reports wild boar on Cash Street again.; New metal Rocky Bound sign. Thank you for the cleanup, Don Lussier!; Calendar...
07-16-09 Chinese Auction at the Croydon Volunteer Fire Dept.; Daughter's and mother-in-law's surgeries delayed column. Back to normal now.; Grandson is a Tiger Shark.; Historical Society tribute to Gross Family.; Samuel Morse House and Museum open Sundays.; Bill Smith wins at Historical Society.; Find the hidden letterbox.; Thanks to Andy and Curt Jr. of Broken Arrow.
06-16-09 Cynthia Phillips participates with Croydon Historical Society gearing-up for annual yard sale this Saturday.; Watch out for Spectacle Pond geese.; TLC at Rocky Bound; RSVP for windmills open house this Friday.; "Cook Like a Wild Woman" workshop; Fishing photo contest for kids
06-02-09 SAU 43 and Croydon School Board meets June 8 to discuss renewal of AREA agreement with Newport. Curt Lively Jr. and Andrew Parker of Broken Road Jeep gearing-up for Customer Appreciation BBQ.; Free Flag Day pancake breakfast; Sunapee Spartans President, Katie O'Brien, needs volunteers.; Bap Kresse caught in the act.; Croydon Historical Society seeks annual yard sale donations.; Fire Dept. flea market and BBQ.; New stickers and hours for the Transfer station.; My best friend, Robin Sheppard, is leaving again.
05-26-09 Annual Memorial Day parade. Bert Smith decorates veteran's graves in remembrance ceremonies.; Selectboard reviewing Iamnow.net president's high speed Internet proposal.; Clayton Phillips and Bap Kresse accepting donations for Croydon Historical Society annual yard sale.; Croydon Fire Dept. flea market and BBQ; Transfer Station now on summer schedule. New vehicle IDs available.; Dog licenses expire June 1.; Mark Archambault and Brad Hooper caught green-handed.
05-12-09 Croydon Historical Society elects officers Clayton Phillips, Sue Smith, Baps Kresse and Bert Smith.; "Name That Tune" with Sue Hunt. Annual Yard Sale donations.; Spring Fling winners Norma Menard, Amanda Leslie, Tom Leslie, Barbara Harding, Deb Gardner, Joe Barraca, Jeff Heath, Julies Carson, David Hooley, and Lorie Kangas.; Fire Dept. flea market and BBQ.; High Speed Internet access update.
04-27-09 Croydon's quest for high speed Internet leads to getting the run-around from Fairpoint and Comcast, as well as  discovering a faint light of possiblity from a tiny start-up in Bradford, NH with some big ideas. James Thompson of iamnow.net says he is "making a difference in people's lives" by serving small communities that  large Internet providers consider not worth the bother.
03-30-09 Ice Out ticket sales stopped early because of unexpected temperatures.; Spring Fling raffle lunch for two at the Samuel Morse House.; State Rep. Tom Howard relieved about bright swim cap requirement, concerned about gay marriage bill and no regrets about $65k school budget cut.; Albert and Dottie Smith celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary.; April birthdays for Carter Gardner, Wesley Ritz-Williamson and Mason Ballou.; Free! Discover Wild New Hampshire Day; Betty's Diary continues.
03-23-09 Blue lights on Brighton Road; Last day for $1 Ice Out raffle to benefit Croydon Congregational Church; Win a "Spring Fling" luncheon for two; Moose hunt lottery; Birdfeeders bad for bears; Help stock salmon in Upper Connecticut River watershed; Home sales may be on upswing; More of Betty's Diary; Free "Downriggers and Trolling" session with Jason Parent and Travis Williams
03-13-09 Signs of Croydon Spring; Croydon weather station; Election Day changes - Charlene Little, Brenda McGuire, Jim Peschke; Spectacle Pond ice-out?; Historical Society Spring Fling raffle; Free Mud Season celebration at Simon Pearce; More of Betty's Diary
03-06-09 Photo: kindergarteners celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday; Read Across America; Proposed Town budget increases $11,508; Proposed School budget increases $55,000 and decreases $18,120; Matt Wittasek now seeks school board position as write-in candidate. Opponent Jim Peschke published platform weeks ago, invited input, served on planning committee, attended board meetings; Professional story-teller Sharon Woods at The Inn at Danbury; Return of Betty's Diary.
02-20-09 [Editor's note: Sunacom columnist Gayle Hedrington wins writers' group top award for short story "Love Everlasting." The goosebumps last longer than it takes to read it.]
02-20-09 Jim Peschke seeks 3-yr School Board seat and shares his mission statement; Election Day, Tue., Mar. 10; Bert Smith's out of the hospital; Cathy Peschke's leap year birthday; First Place for "Love Everlasting."
02-13-09 How distant is our extended village?; Feb. birthday celebrations with Representatives Beverly Rodeschin and Tom Howard, and Lincoln presenter Stephen Woods; Valentine babies Linda Schultz and Ben Platt; Betty's Journal part 2
02-10-09 Part 1 of "Betty's Journal" by Molly Bingham Loverin of Croydon; Written on parchment paper with a fountain pen probably between 1908 and 1929; Sharon King and Harold Perkins helped with some missing pieces.
01-23-09 Interview with State Representative Tom HowardCorbin Park Safari fee; Brenda McGuire reports $1 town position filing fee not required; James C. Harding, Brenda McGuire, Kimberly McKinney and Jim Peschke have filed for Town and School offices; Town budget meeting; Gaming Day hosted by Paul Mataruso; Free seminar about building a green home
01-16-09 Minus 6.5 degrees, and the first sign of spring... town officers registration and Town Meeting; Black Bear behavior presentation by Ben Kilham; Free ice fishing class
01-11-09 Brian and Christina McKahan, True Tool Innovations; Snowmobile trail conditions and free safety classes; Becoming an Outdoors-Woman; School board meeting
12-26-08 Happy New Year!; 25 pounds kept off; Recycle cell phones at BJs; 90 things to watch in '09; Kristina's home-made cooking; Gary Sheppard from TN visiting Michelle and Wayne Maynard; Town Clerk's holiday hours
12-05-08 Greetings from San Diego; Christmas Ball portrays Stevens/Gross House; Town Christmas Party; The Elf Impersonator; "What Happens in Croydon, Stays in Croydon;" Christmas Mystery choral; Toys for Tots; Hemlock swags decorate town; Croydon Congregational Church Christmas Bazaar; Ruger's New Lightweight Compact Pistol drawing
11-12-08 "Ken Burns is The Bomb;" Historical Society Christmas Balls; Helpful links.
11-07-08 Boars gone wild; Election results; Tax decrease; School board meeting; Out-of-state political workers
10-31-08 Croydon Schools' Halloween parade; Kelly Parker; Historical Society meeting; NH Old Graveyard Association; Free astronomical observation at Darmouth; Wagon ride weekend at Billings Farm & Museum.
10-24-08 Tom Howard seeks State Rep seat; Newport Mills industry exposition; Two queens and a princess; Fred Carmen of Croydon PA and NH; Music and flute-craft at Newport library; Ken Burns at Newport Opera House; $10 off for hunters.
10-17-08 Broken Road in national magazine; Halloween parade; Flu shot clinic; Antique appraisal day; Dates to remember...
10-10-08 Raffle tickets sold out; Flu shot clinic; Trick or treat; Litter clean-up; Pumpkin Festival; Junkyard ghost revival; Foster mom dog rescue.
10-03-08 Wall Street meets Croydon Main St.; Antique appraisal day; School Board meeting; Flu shot clinic; Fritz Wetherbee; Dates to remember...
09-26-08 Antique appraisal; Special Ed. meeting; School long-term planning; Newport Middle School standards; Pastel Society exhibit; Free observatory session; Adopt a Shelter Dog Month; Dates to remember...
09-12-08 School News, Croydon Historical Society, Christmas Balls Sale, On the Cheap
07-30-08 Truth Behind the Bartons and Coopers; Mystery of the Cemetery Shoes; The Joy of Sex with Watermelon
07-09-08 Yard sale success; Morse House tours; Christmas ball; Chinese auction; Weather; Paving...
06-20-08 Historical Society cleanup; Students' awards; Rifle drawing; Win fishing trip...

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08-28-09 GPTG Back to School Party Tuesday. See new GVS school.; Bistro Nouveau - Acoustical guitarist Jason Cann, Pete Merrigan, Vegetarian Dining Club.; Sep. 8 Town Clerk/Tax Collector's office hours.; Lunch Bunch and free blood pressure screening.; Community potluck dinner.; Dunbar Free Library (DFL) - Storytime begins again. Free book delivery to homebound and audiobook downloads.;  "Adventures in Birding" with Mark Suomala.;  Buy or sell homemade and home-grown items at the last Community Market of the season. ;  Participants and sponsors needed for this year's Sunapee Harbor Chowder Challenge.;  "The Lucky Charms" 4H info.;   Reminders...
08-21-09 At the Dunbar Free Library... Very special last storytime of the summer. Free book delivery and audiobook downloads for homebound folks.; Vehicle registration changes include doing it online.; Everyone is welcome to Sep.'s Lunch Bunch and free blood pressure screening.; Park & Ride planting project needs trees in the ground by fall.; Sunapee Harbor Chowder Challenge fundraiser.; Reminders...
08-12-09 Cross lightings at Grantham United Methodist Church; Lisanne, Alexandra and Colette Schmidt in NH Women's Golf Assoc. Championship.; Vacation Bible School begins Sunday.; Final soccer registrations.; 4 of Clubs at Bistro Nouveau Summer Dance Party.; Season's last Craft in the Park and cookout.; "The World of Sherlock Holmes" with Tom Brydges.; Sen. Shaheen at DFL.; Aug. auto registration alert.; Reminders...
08-06-09 Twenty-one Grantham residents receive awards at Lebanon HS Class of '09 Senior Awards Ceremony.; Kids' soccer registration.; Lunch Bunch and free blood pressure screening.; Next selectmen meeting Aug. 26.; Sunapee activities this weekend include Rock Bass Derby, Canoe/Kayak Race, Aerosmith tribute band "Draw the Line," Love Your Lakes Day antique boats and more.; Martha Dana's hand-crafted puppets and Senator Jeanne Shaheen at DFL.; Bistro Nouveau Summer Dance Party.; "The World of Sherlock Holmes" with Tom Brydges.; Expanded news from Vital Communities.
07-30-09 Leslie Brown's Grantham Village School Building Committee update. Kurt Gergler updates construction photos.; Dunbar Free Library - 'Tweens decorate flip-flops Aug. 5. Paula Dorr sells prints paintings, jewelry and photos on the lawn Aug. 8. Martha Dana hand-crafted puppets Aug. 13. Sen. Shaheen Aug. 21. Free services for homebound.; Grantham Rec. Dept. kids soccer registration.; PYO blueberries benefit for Recreation Park.; Busy week in Sunapee and on the lake - Rock Bass Derby for all ages. Sunapee Harbor Canoe/Kayak Race. Aerosmith tribute band "Draw the Line" at Sherburn Gym. Love Your Lakes Day antique boat parade.; Reminders...
07-17-09 Recipient of multiple scholarships, Lebanon HS '09 graduate Aaron Beaulieu heads to Vermont and the New England Culinary Institute this Sunday.; Bob Champagne shows you how Henry Knox pulled-off one of the greatest engineering feats in military history.; Join Caren Calafati for an evening of music.; Grantham's own community market begins soon.; Brian Tilton sponsors Craft in the Park on Tuesdays.; Sunapee Harbor Kayak and Canoe Poker Run, Aug. 1.; 'Tweens decorate flip-flops.; Reminders...
07-13-09 Memorial cross lighting.; The Lunch Bunch 2nd Tuesdays at noon.; Old Home Day wrap-up - Rubber ducky race winners are Jim Goucher, Missy Walla, Kathy Pomer. Cookie Walk raises $524 for library.; Andrea Sodano and Chas Norton's photo journey "Discovering The Peruvian Amazon & Lima, Peru."; Brian Tilton sponsors Craft in the Park.; Sunapee Harbor Kayak and Canoe Poker Run; Get your flip-flops decorated.; Lauri Reynolds Rardin's article earns award for Kearsarge Magazine, owned by Grantham resident Laura Jean Whitcomb.; Reminders...
07-03-09 July 4 celebration - Old Home Day, pancake breakfast, parade, food, games, face painting, bounce house, cookie walk, rubber ducky race, fireworks and much more.; Buy a brick, build a playground.; Children's programs at DFL.; Senior luncheon; Prouty team seeks sponsors and teammates.; Edie Clark talks about how food defines a region at potluck supper.; Early tickets for Aerosmith tribute band.; Five-mile trail run benefits Sunapee High School Athletic Leadership Council.; Photojourney Peruvian Amazon and Lima Peru with Andrea Sodano and Chas Norton.; Brian Tilton Metal Framing & Drywall sponsors Craft in the Park.; New system for vehicle registration.; Conservation symposium; Reminders...
06-26-09 Grantham Village walking tour with Ken Story.; New process for vehicle registration begins next week.; Classic Car Show at Mount Sunapee Resort.; Summer Reading with Simon Brooks.; Rec. and Parks Committee meeting.; Goodbye and best wishes to Town Administrator Tina Stearns.; DFL programs - Sprinkler Mondays, Wednesday Night Crafts, Edie Clark talks about baked beans and fried clams.; "Don't tell the kids I broke the Big Wheel!"; July 4th celebrations - Old Home Day, Pancake Breakfast, "Fairy Tales" parade, Parent Teacher Group Rubber Ducky Race, Fireworks and lots more.; Annual Cookie Walk for eaters and bakers.; Buy a brick, build a playground.; Senior Luncheon; Blue Mountain Snowdusters walk and bike.; Reminders...
06-19-09 Happy Summer!; Memorial cross lightings; Stories under the Stars and Summer Reading with Simon Brooks; Classicopia presents "The Great American Song"; 11th Annual Antique and Classic Car Show at Mount Sunapee Resort; Grantham Recreation Park Committee meeting; Say goodbye to Town Administrator Tina Stearns; GVS Building Committee Update and "Thank You" by Leslie Brown; Reminders...
06-11-09 Update June 15 - Fields meeting changed to Wed.,  June 17, 7 pm,  Jerry Whitney Memorial Conference Room (upstairs) at Grantham Town Hall. Grantham Village School on the move. Help needed.; Vehicle registration changes next month.; Summer soccer for toddlers and preschoolers.; Free coffee, water and bathroom breaks.; Rec Park Committee meeting.; "Yankee Crime" book discussion.; All-comers track and field events.; Stories Under the Stars and Summer Reading with Simon Brooks.; Classicopia presents "The Great American Song." Classic Car Show at Mt. Sunapee Resort.; Big Wheels at Sunapee Harbor.; Here's what's happening at Old Home Day, just weeks away.; Annual Cookie Walk July 4.; Park & Ride landscaping donations; Merle Schoutanus and Mary O'Rourke co-captain BMSD bicycle and walking teams at The Prouty.; Patrick Dias looking for adult sport participants.; Reminders...
06-04-09 Community Pot Luck this Saturday; Lebanon HS Class of 2010 scramble golf tournament this Sunday; Senior luncheon Tuesday; "Joel Ash Creates Magic" Wednesday; Register for Toddler and Preschool soccer by June 12; Dunbar Free Library... Copies of first summer reading book, Bellow Falls, are in. Third annual Stories under the Stars begins June 22. Summer Reading with storyteller Simon Brooks. Cool off with Sprinkler Mondays. "Summertime and the Reading is Easy" weekly story times. Register children for Wednesday Night Crafts. Please take on-line survey about our library.; Classic Car Show at Mt. Sunapee Resort.; Reminders... 
05-29-09 Town-wide yard sale tomorrow at Town Hall and sellers' houses.; Walk NH begins Monday with registation.; Toddler/Preschool summer soccer.; Community pot luck supper.; Lebanon HS Class of 2010 scramble golf tournament.; Senior luncheon and blood pressure screening.; Joel Ash Creates Magic for free!; Many copies of Bellows Falls available.; Essential Knits alive and well.; Leslie Brown's GVS update; Free treasures await at FreeCycle Network.; Tax-deductable watercraft donations.; Free coffee, spring water and bathroom breaks June 13 at Park & Ride. Reminders...
05-22-09 Send me info for this column about graduations, dean's lists, awards, job promotions, birth announcements, upcoming events, anything you think others should know about.; Cross lighting memorials; Lebanon High's Project Graduation BBQ includes lobster, steak, ribs, chicken and lots more.; Ready for the Town-Wide Yard Sale?; Walk NH kick-off June 1.; Children's art programs continue.; Sponsors and participants sought for Lebanon HS Class of 2010 golf tournament.; Free! Joel Ash Creates Magic.; Sandra LeBeau leads "Bellows Falls" first summer book discussion of series.; What is Jeff Figley planning?; Park & Ride landscaping donations.; Leslie Brown's GVS building update.; Critical Conservation Lands Index ready for you to review.; Local photographers exhibit at The Fells.; Reminders...
05-15-09 Cross lightings; Garden Club annual plant sale for scholarship fund.; Tomorrow's car wash at the fire house benefits Knoxville-bound Destination Imagination kids.; Eastmanaires "Welcome Spring."; Reserve by tomorrow for next Vegetarian Dining Club dinner at Bistro Nouveau.; Travel by photo with Jeri and Craig Cohen.; Rebecca Rule tells stories at Town Hall.; Pete Merrigan at Bistro Nouveau.; GVS building project update from Leslie Brown.; Tickets for FisherCats vs Trenton Thunder includes buffet dinner and fireworks.; Lebanon HS juniors and seniors sell BBQ tickets with options including lobster, steak, ribs or chicken, and lots more.; Town-wide yard sale in two weeks.; Third annual Walk NH.; Golf tournament benefits 2010 HS class.; Reminders...
05-08-09 Annual Mother's Day breakfast buffet at Town Hall.; Storyteller extraordinaire Rebecca Rule presented by Friends Dunbar Free Library May 12 and for Grantham Historical Society May 21. Both are free to everyone at Grantham Town Hall.; Music at Bistro Nouveau - PJ Pacifico and Pete Merrigan.; Sunapee Lion's Club hosts annual Kids' Fishing Derby.; Grantham Garden Club plant sale benefits scholarship fund.; Eastmanaires "Welcome Spring"; Take a trip in photos with Jeri and Craig Cohen.; Make reservations for Vegetarian Dining Club's May dinner.; Limited number of tickets for Lebanon HS graduation BBQ.; Reserve your inside or outside spot for town-wide yard sale.; Walk NH starting at The Center of Eastman.; Golf tournament benefits next year's Lebanon HS grads.; Reminders...
05-02-09 Listen Community Services provided $60,000+ in groceries to Upper Valley households in need last year.; Car wash today; Tour  Grantham Village School building addition today.; Grantham United Methodist Church pot luck today; Pitch-Hit-Run tomorrow at Grantham VIllage School ball field.; Sue Howard and Donald Driefuss talk Design at Garden Club.; Annual Mother's Day breakfast buffet at Town Hall.; Story teller Rebecca Rule at Dunbar Free Library and at Grantham Historical Society meeting. Librarian Dawn Huston says, "Any opportunity to hear her must be seized."; Eastmanaires "Welcome Spring."; Jeri and Craig Cohen share their images of Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands Austral Summer.; Reserve space for town-wide yard sale.; Sandra Le Beau will lead first "Yankee Crime" book discussion with "Bellows Falls."; Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation donates $5,000 for Recreation Park.; Census workers are here.; Your input needed about Internet access.; Reminders...
04-23-09 Chowda Suppa benefits Eastman Charitable Foundation and Greater Grantham Watershed.; Wolf Pack car wash; Grantham Village School building addition tour; Aquafina and Grantham Athletics host Pitch/Hit/Run; Mother's Day breakfast at Town Hall; Get ready for town-wide yard sale; Reminders...
04-17-09 Eagle Times cuts town columns. Sunacom and town email are only sources for Grantham Column.; Cross lightings.; Merlin and Dorcie Lacy great-grandparents again.; Mr. Phil & Co. perform magic tonight.; Erin McClorey and family start car wash season tomorrow.; Check your blood pressure, enjoy refreshments and meet your Fire Dept. tomorrow night.; April Vacation Art Camp at my ARTery.; Hunter Safety Course.; Tomorrow is last day to register for vegetarian dinner at Bistro Nouveau.; 5k walk teams.; Chowda Suppa benefits watershed.; Dunbar Free Library hosts Starlab planetarium.; Pitch/Hit/Run at Grantham Village School.; Register for Irving Oil Fuel Buying Group.; Heard about the Grantham Mountain fire of '53?; Reminders...
04-10-09 Four Grantham Village School faculty give up health insurance to re-hire part-timers and re-instate music programs; Cross lightings; Hastings twins Faye Olivia and Jack Daniel born Mar. 28; First Place fifth graders Anwen Morgan, Franklin Hogsett, Maya Leopardi and Emily Hastings to earn their way to Knoxville competition.; Senior Lunch returns to Grantham; Jayne Hitchcock and Kate Flora share crime writing stories; Mr. Phil and Company magic; Liz Krieg presents Fabulous Containter Gardening; Erin McClory and family will wash winter off your car; Grantham FD hosts Community Night at Town Hall; April Vacation Art Camp at My ARTery; Grantham PD sponsors Hunter Education and Safety Class; Three-course dinner with Vegetarian Dining Club at Bistro Nouveau; 5K Walk teams needed; Chowda Suppa to benefit Greater Grantham Watershed; Starlab coming to Grantham; Leslie Brown reports GVS building project update; Register vehicles on-line; Blue Mountain Snowdusters ORC aims at $10k this year; Reminders...
04-03-09 Lebanon High School senior, Jordan E. Allen, inducted into National Technical Honor Society.; Lucky Charms make syrup at Cliff and Cindy Dyer's Good Neighbors Sugar House.; Kindergarten registration; Free Sunflower Quartet concert by Ann Givens, Steve Jordan, Tom Norton and Earl North.; Free lecture on Growing Small Fruit; Annual Easter Egg Hunt April 11; PTO clothing sale and Scholastic Book Fair in Sunapee; Senior Lunch and blood pressure clinic at Grantham United Methodist Church; True crime writers, Jayne Hitchcock and Kate Flora at the Dunbar Free Library; Mr. Phil and Company at town hall; Starlab space is limited, so register now; Community Night at the Fire Dept.; Police Dept. sponsors Hunter Education and Safety Class; Turning Points Network needs teams for 5k walk; Reservations for Art in Bloom at Boston MFA; Old Home Day planning; Reminders...
03-27-09 Cross lighting memorial; Gabrielle Dorr to study in Denmark; Grantham Village School building update by Leslie Brown; Ice Out 2009 guess deadline; Rabies clinic and licensing at Grantham Volunteer Fire Dept.; Jason Cann at The Center at Eastman; JOSA season finale with Greg Abate and Ted Casher; AnnGivens (flute), Steve Jordan (oboe), Tom Norton (clarinet) and Earl North (bassoon) perform free concert as The Sunflower Quartet; Free talk, Growing Small Fruit, by Pooh Sprague of Edgewater Farm; Our Town Easter Egg hunt, rain or shine; "We're Not Making This Up" by true crime writers Jayne Hitchcock and Kate Flora, free at the library; Starlab comes to Grantham Village School; New pumper truck, fire extinguisher training and blood pressure check at Grantham Fire Dept.; Seats available for Art in Bloom at Boston MFA; Paula Dorr pastels at Pinkerton Academy; Old Home Day planning; Meet local growers and free samples at Flavors of the Valley; Health Pursuit 5K Fun Run; Reminders...
03-20-09 Cross lightings; Jesse and April Barton elected to Hog Reeves post; Steve and Kim Becker elected as Fence Viewers; Last two Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon concerts; Superintendent search wants your input; Free "Slow Medicine" program by Dr. Dannis McCullough; Residents commit to saving more than $2,500 in CO2 costs; UNH presents free "Win-Win" energy reduction at library; Trivia Night at Bistro Nouveau; $350 total prizes for Ice-Out winning guesses; Ice Out Chowda Suppa; Community Supported Agriculture with Edgewater Farm and McNamara Dairy; Reminders...
03-12-09 Lucky Charms help us through Town Meeting; School Meeting next Wed. (no evening hours for Town Clerk's office); Register for baseball, softball and T-ball; GVS building committee update; Artful Things silent auction benefits Cary Armstrong Roth Fund; Sunapee PTO sponsors Health, Recreation and Safety Fair and Red Sox vs Orioles ticket raffle; Lebanon farmers market; Superintendent Search Committee public forum; Dr. McCullough's "Slow Medicine: Elders, families and health systems working together"; Patrick Miller speaks on protecting our changing climate; Dog registration deadline; Volunteers needed for Pitch/Hit/Run at Grantham Village School ball field; Reminders...
03-06-09 Tuesday's Town Meeting refreshments by Lucky Charms 4-H Club; Town Clerk/Tax Collector's office closes at 4 next Tuesday; Books & Beyond gets $500 grant; Grantham Village School construction update; Silent Auction at Artful Things to benefit Cary Armstrong Roth Fund; SAU 75 Superintendent search committee wants your input; Free program with Dr. Dennis McCullough, "Slow Medicine: Elders, families and health systems working together;" Free program with Patrick Miller, "Win-Win: Simple actions you can take at home to reduce energy consumption, costs and protect New Hampshire’s changing climate;" Online recreation survey from the Sports Management Group at Colby-Sawyer College; Reminders...
02-26-09 Cross lighting; Memorial service for Matt Smith's mother, Marcia; Transitions Lifestyle System info. session; Grantham United Methodist Church Potluck; Full Moon Fiesta ski/snowshoe progressive dinner; Shamrock Shuffle 5k; The Occasional Artist, Art-Tots, afterschool art, HomeSchooler Art at My ARTery; Town Meeting, and town and school deliberative sessions; Town Reports available March 3; Free program "Slow Medicine: Elders, families and health systems" with author Dennis McCullough M.D.; Go Green composting campaign group purchase; UNH Carbon Challenge; Borrow a Kill-A-Watt unit for free; "Win-Win" to reduce energy consumption with Patrick Milller at library; Sunapee Elementary School accepting items for April Children's Clothing Sale; Happy 75th Joey!
02-20-09 Memorial cross lighting; Hear positions on two contested races, and more, on Candidates Night. Voting and Town Meeting March 10th; Potluck at Grantham United Methodist Church; Anne Goucher's exercise series; Dr. Seuss's Birthday, ice skating party theme; See artist JoAnn Pippin's work at Darmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; Reminders
02-13-09 Mr. Phil & Company and Fancy Nancy Storytime at the Dunbar Free Library; Meet your candidates moderated by Victoria Smith; The Lucky Charms 4-H Club meeting; Free book delivery service; Grantham P.D. assists Alzheimer's caregivers; Anne Goucher lecture and exercise; Shedd Road ice skating rink; JoAnn Pippin's New England landscapes and close-ups; Adult volleyball and basketball; Farmers market at Lebanon United Methodist Church
02-06-09 Cross lightings; Happy 100th birthday to Ramona Flewelling; Christine Schadler wild canid ecologist; Budget and warrant public hearings; Create a Valentine, Magic with Mr. Phil & Co. and Fancy Nancy Storytime at Dunbar Free Library; My ARTery classes and new location; Edgewater Farm and McNamara Dairy's fresh produce and milk program; Town trucks for sale; Candidates Night; Take a trip to see the Sox; Hunter Education & Safety Class; Reminders...
01-29-09 Artists JoAnn Pippin and Caren Calafati at Artful Things, Lebanon; The Mousetrap benefits Dunbar Free Library plus tea and crumpets at Town Hall; Community pot luck at Grantham United Methodist Church; Ice skating parties and Hershey's Chocolate Day, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras and Dr. Suess's Birthday; Wild canid ecologist Christine Schadler discusses New England wolves; School board budget public hearing; Selectmen budget and warrant articles public hearing; Fresh produce and milk program from Edgewater Farm and McNamara Dairy; Candidates Night includes Harold Haddock, Simon Mayer and Russell Lary; Reminders...
01-23-09 Town and school office filing; "The Mousetrap" at Town Hall benefits Dunbar Free Library; Community pot luck; Christine Schadler's free presentation about wolves, coyotes and foxes; Budget and warrant hearing; New London Hospital volunteers sought; Selectmen's Jan. 14 draft minutes: Ken Ryder Deputy Emergency Management Director proposed; Simon Mayer's concerns about increasing property taxes over-funding some departments and under-funding others; 's report on building repairs; Reminders...
01-16-09 Jeremy LaBombard uses EMT training at basketball game; Anne Goucher leads fitness series; "The Mousetrap" benefit for Dunbar Free Library at Town Hall; Sign-up for Mohegan Sun trip; Budget and warrant articles hearing; Seminars on how to avoid being an Internet scam statistic; Barbara Ray operates new child care facility; Reminders...
01-09-09 Hoopsters Kolton O'Keefe, Caleb Broughton, Andrew Googins, Cole Curcio; Numerologist Catherine Gibson; "Mooseman" Rick Libbey; Adult volleyball and basketball; Snowshoeing for all ages; Farmers' Market Saturday; Nordic Nibbles progressive ski and snowshoe brunch; File for town positions election; JoAnn Pippin's New England landscapes; Reminders...
01-05-09 Cross lighting; 2009 transfer station sticker; Winter farmers' market; Register for town positions; Congratulations, Debra Bailey; Town skating rink open; JoAnn Pippin exhibit at DHMC; Laura Jean Whitcomb's Kearsarge Magazine; Lucky Charms share skills, hobbies and interests; Weekly Storytimes; Catherine Gibson, numerologist and tarot consultant; Book home delivery; Rick "Mooseman" Libbey; Write to Ramsay in Rwanda; Reminders...
12-19-08 Cross lightings; Madeline Wolfe meets Santa; Food bank food sleigh; Johanna Webber on Keene State Dean's List; Monthly potluck; MyARTery vacation art camp; Power outage; Holiday library programs and hours; Christmas Eve service; Snowman New Year's Eve; Reminders...
12-12-08 The Eastmanaires Monday night; Penguin New Year's Eve?; Big Combined Choral Concert; Harmony Night with Dan Signor and Gaye LaCasce; Lebanon HS chorus; Showtime; Superlatives; Rat Race; The Honeymooners; Becca Valente and dad Frank; Public caroling; Grantham School Board long-range planning committee; Lebanon JHS band & chorus; Cross lighting; Ramsay Mellish in Rwanda; Trenton Bauer Judkins is brand new; Library holiday changes; MyARTery camp; Reminders...
12-06-08 Junior High and High School honor and high honor roll students; Santa breakfast; New Year's Eve Family Dance Party; DFL Holiday Open House; Eastmanaries Holiday Concert; Library laptime; Selectmen meet; Transfer station sticker; Gregory Fahrner official Christmas tree lighter
12-04-08 Breakfast with Santa; New Year's Eve family dance party; Sunapee Harbor Looney Lunge; Cross lightings; Referee clinic; Community potluck; Amelia Reese Gallagher is brand new; Eastmanaries concert; Book fair; Dunbar Free Library open house; Healthy lifestyle seminar and dinner; Laptime; Selectmen meetings; 2009 transfer station sticker
11-07-08 Cross lighting; Join Grantham 4-H; Free carpal tunnel symptom session; Alzheimer's assistance initiative; Steve Handley's photo cruise; Pre-Thanksgiving feast; Turkey trot for needy; Thanksgiving morning run; Paula Dorr's show; Library laptime; Turning Points Network auction; "Thank You" Grantham FAST Squad, police and fire depts.; Reminders...
10-31-08 Pumpkin Fest winners; Paula Dorr show; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Family fire drill; Cross lighting; Tax-deeded properties sale; Taxes by credit card; Open house & auction; Trukey trot fund raiser; Turning Points auction; Reminders...
10-24-08 Pie order deadline; Stranger than fiction; Stroke prevention; Trick or treat Friday; Classicopia piano quartet; United Methodist Church potluck; Silent auction at new field; Turning Points Network fundraiser auction; Planning Board approves division; Reminders...
10-16-08 Pam Goodall's bicycle journey; Trick or treat; Beethoven & Mendelssohn; Potluck; LHS pie sale; Silent auction; Town Clerk schedule; Haunted pumpkin fest; New Chamber officers; Rec. Dept. benefit at Frank's Cafe; Stranger than fiction true crime witers; Reminders...
10-09-08 Cross lightings; Winter sport registrations; College planning for K-8 parents; Adult art class openings; Historical Society fall meeting; Transfer stations stickers; Pastel show at LAC; Preserving rural landscape; Straight from London; Haunted pumpkin fest; Reminders...
10-02-08 Love a scarecrow!; LHS golfers win; Heating safety; Town clerk/tax collector hours; Trans-Siberian RR; Bistro Nouveau Oktober Fest; Car wash & pie sale; Winter sport registration; K-8 college planning; GHS meeting; Pastels at LAC; Preserving rural landscape; Pam's 10,000-mile bike trip; Haunted pumpkins; X-fer station report; Laura Ward's bid for NH House seat; Reminders...
09-26-08 Girls named captains; Trans-Siberian RR adventures; UMC potluck Sat.; Bistro Nouveau Oktober Fest; UMC car wash and pie sale; 2nd annual health & safety fair; Historical Society meeting; "Frank's Cafe" volunteers; Town Clerk/Tax Collector closed for conference; Popcorn; Reminders...
09-18-08 Children's liturgy, Lasher's Costa Rica, Scarecrows, Trivia postponed, Nature volunteers, Walking bridge, Thanksgiving runners, Thain Allan, Transit expansion, Reminders...
09-12-08 Town Clerk/Tax Collector closed, Walk Grantham 4 Corners, Tour Costa Rica, Scarecrows, Stump! Trivia, Car wash & pie sale, Reminders...
09-06-08 Cross lighting, Stump! trivia, Passports, Walk Grantham, Costa Rica tour, Scarecrows, Ambulance sale, Fair exhibitors wanted, GVS bridge, Vogel appointment, Reminders...
08-07-08 Cross lightings, Craft in the park, Adult book discussion, PYO blueberries, Dixieland jazz, Wailin' Australian, Art classes, Broadway and light opera

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New London

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01-01-10 NFI North, in Bradford, gets Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club donation.
11-26-09 Bridge built by Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club should last a long time.
10-05-09 Harvest Day, 2009 at Musterfield Farm - Sasha Wolfe

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Bob Odell - NH Senate

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07-06-09 Growing prison costs a ticking financial bomb with Dept. of Corrections budget already more than $100 million. New strategies to reduce prison population to be studied by Commissioner Wrenn's proposed Division of Community Corrections. Sunapee resident Rudy Grzanna heads Claremont area parole office and says that parole and probation for some is a "set up for failure."; Bonnie Tilton's hard work made her July 4th flag presentation idea a great success.; "Rock hound" Jim Tovey mines for gems in Alstead.
06-28-09 Protesters, high media attention and a public gallery full of lobbyists and concerened citizens signaled the importance of last Wednesday's session focusing on the next two fiscal years. Not all legislators voted as requested by their party leaders. Given our economic circumstances and my experience of four terms on the Finance Committee and Ways and Means Committe, I felt it was an adequate budget. Not passing a budget could have been very damaging. At the end of the day just a few visitors remained in the gallery as Senators headed home for the summer.
06-21-09 Last week's work wrapped at 1 am Friday. After reducing "rainy day fund" from $89 million to $20 million, and relying on Commissioner Clougherty's projections of $60 million from tobacco and business taxes, the budget is balanced. Wednesday's voting SHOULD end this year's session.; Amendment named the "Alstead Veterans Memorial Bridge."; Ribbons cut at Lempster Wind Power Project and Claremont Mills, both extremely significant steps toward strengtening our region's economic future.
06-15-09 $4.3 million in sales at New London and $10 million at West Lebanon State liquor stores. Highest in state is Hampton at $26.5 million. State-wide sales up 6% over last year. "Cider bill" proposal would allow Liquor Commission to operate stores more as a modern business than government agency.; Federal stimulus money significantly boosts road paving program.
06-08-09 Committees of Conference to resolve differences between House and Senate versions of bills by noon, June 18. Months of work depends on unanimous "sign off" by committee members. $11.5 billion budget bill will be the committee's focus this week. Fireworks and surprises expected.; Acworth Center School students visited State House. Students from Disnard School in Claremont will be at the State House on Friday.
06-01-09 Senate rejects House-proposed new taxes on capital gains, estate, gambling winnings and gasoline, but increases registration fees for boats, automobiles and driver licenses. Proposed 15,000 slot machines and suspension of business tax credit expected to produce quarter billion dollar income. "Third way" calls for modifiying existing taxes and eliminating exemptions.; "Mustered! Foot Soldiers of the 12th" is a new reminder of New Hampshire's sacrifices in the Civil War.; Lempster Historical Society presents "Baked Beans and Fried Clams: How food defines a Region" June 6.
05-24-09 Senator Sgamvati opened DHHS discussions noting it as the most difficult of her 10 biennial budgets. Circumstances would be much more dire without federal stimulus money. $11.5 billion budget for next two years looks like a lot of money, but in fact filled with complications such as hundreds of included items that are paid entirely by federal funds, and many more millions in that total that are counted twice.; Senate probably will go along with $65 monthly health care contribution by state employees under 65.; Governor Lynch proposed adding $10 to vehicle registration fees instead of the House-approved gas tax increase.; Representaives Sue Gottling (Sunapee) and Rica McMahon (Sutton) sponsored an amendment to establish a committee to study Fish & Game's Wild Goose boat launch proposal for Lake Sunapee, and establish a moratorium on permits proceedings. A hearing on the amendment is scheduled for Thursday at 8:30 am.
05-17-09 Caucuses (private discussions within each party) play extraordinarily significant role in Senate legislative process.; Several controversial bills among more than 90 on last Wednesday's agenda.; Bipartisan approval of highway bill includes allowing E-Z Pass toll collection at highway speed.; Both sides of the aisle disagree with Bank of America's $6 charge to cash paychecks drawn on their bank.
05-11-09 Legislature acts quickly to provide "soft landing" for NH auto dealers, and their employees, who loose their franchises because of this economy. Difficult relationship between dealers and manufacturers has developed.; Fiscal year revenues about $250 million less than planned. More expenditures need to be cut.; As revenues fall, use of state services are increasing. 1,000 new food stamp recipients added each month since last July.
05-03-09 Large press contingent and observers for historical legislation.; Sincere feelings expressed on both sides of controversial issues.; Medical marijuana passes, and will go to Governor after House and Senate differences are worked out.; Transgender "bathroom bill" fails 24-0.; Same-sex marriage approved by 13-11 vote.; Death penalty repeal and mandatory seat belt bills tabled.; Task force to study dental care access.; Commission will study children's dental disease prevention. 45% of children in a Sullivan County community have untreated tooth decay.; Non-profit Community Dental Care of Claremont opens this summer. 
04-27-09 State employee health benefits cost has risen about 13% every year for the past decade. Last year's bill was $234 million. Do state workers have an existing agreement to cover all health care expenses, including their spouses? If it is reasonable for retirees to pay a small portion of the expense, what would be an equitable formula?; Senate works on controversial bills... gay marriage, mandatory seat belts for adults, medical use of marijuana, transgender rights and death penalty repeal.; Walpole Leadership Academy explains the workings of local government and opportunities to serve.
04-19-09 Step four of six in the process brought standing-room-only to Representatives' Hall as citizens made themselves heard for five hours about budget proposals. Horse racing stakeholders want Rockingham to keep running horses. Truckers want $10 car registration increase instead of 15 cent gas tax. Other issues include closures and staff reductions at state prisons, state retiree health care, NH Cancer Plan funding, mass transit, revenue sharing, federal matching grants and on and on. The House part of the budget was "far from complete" when they gave it to the Senate to sort out. Seven-member Finance Committee searches for fairness in how to raise money and who will benefit.
04-12-09 Things happened quickly after legislators were stunned by release of two child rapists because of a missed deadline.; Should New Hampshire retailers be required to ask customers where they live, and if they're from Massachusetts collect their state's tax from them, fill out the tax forms and send it to Boston? All 23 Senators, and Governor Lynch said "NO!" Now the House will vote on it.; SB 195 allows utilities to trim or cut trees if property owner does not object within 45 days of notice.
04-05-09 Thursday is cross-over day when budget planning moves from the House to the Senate. The House will vote on major bills affecting revenue, spending and capital projects in the face of serious shortfalls. Senate is faced with increasing costs while revenues decline.; Ted Austin, who replaced Allison McLean of New London as Director of the division of Parks and Recreation, met with interested citizens in Sunapee.; Ann Spencer leads the 18-month-old Newport Out of School Time (NOST) program. Each day, from 2:30 to 6 pm,  as well as full day schedules during school vacations and summer breaks, NOST offers opportunities for academic enrichment coordinated with the school curriculum.
03-29-09 Senators voted 19 to 4 favoring doubling Governor's term to four years. If approved by the House, the amendment would be on the 2010 ballot.; NH Chief Justice Broderick says courts are suffereing under budget restraints. "...lives are affected when access to justice is impeded or delayed." He said "these are sobering times, the most sobering in my lifetime."; The dramatic increase of citizens representing themselves, because they cannot afford an attorney, puts added strain on reduced staff.; Bills passed in the House transfer on April 9 to Senate committees for public hearings, including controversial gay marriage, death penalty repeal and medical marijuana bills.; State budget bills will be arriving in the Senate this week, too. 
03-22-09 NH Senate will debate Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution (CCR 9) that changes Governor's term from two to to four-years. Only NH and VT have two-year terms for Governor. Sound arguements on both sides; NH House will vote on about 150 bills and debate 100 others this week; More milking cows and sugar maples than any other Senate district; If you can't boil your own, buy your syrup from a local producer; Don Clifford of Sabbath Acres Maple Syrup, North Newport, predicts this season "best in a decade"; Governor Lynch proclaims March 28 and 29 "Maple Weekend"; Kearsage High School student Julia Jones, of Sutton, has "best seat" in the Senate chamber.
03-16-09 Ideals of democracy vs daily government activities; Town Meetings, purest form of democracy; Committee members get earful from speakers at River Valley Community College; State government will be smaller in next two years; Variety of programs and agencies compete for scarce funding; Hundreds of workers attended hearing about 80 percent cost increases associated with PSNH Marrimack Station power plant's new scrubber. The scrubber reduces mercury emissions from coal-fired plants, but possible delays threaten jobs and public health. 
03-09-09 State profits from gambling and drinking raises significant issues; Liquor sales netted state $146 million profit last year; Proposed Liquor Commission Modernization Act (SB 181) enables sale of liquor-related items and selling hard liquor in some grocery stores; Senator Lou D’Allseandro has been advocating for a decade to permit slot machines in NH. Most law enforcement opposes it.; Read Across America even for students and families. Dakota Avery and Jacob Merritt from the Richards School in Newport were extraordinary readers and fine representatives of our district.
03-02-09 After years of wanting to do it, we took the train from Claremont to New York City; Was Business Class, worth it, even with a Seniors discount?; Big Apple cab fare from Penn Station to the hotel; Train engine failure on return trip home meant bussing the rest of the way from Springfield Mass; Do it again? Balance the pros and cons; Dartmouth Coach begins Lebanon/Hanover to NYC route today with just 28 executive seats and many amenities.
02-23-09 Agree with it or not, "stimulus" is law... complicated, confusing and major questions ahead on funding qualifications; Senate amendment allows towns and school districts to hold short-notice special meetings to accept stimulus money; State qualifies for $10 million to unemployment trust fund, and tweaking current law could add another $20 million; Energy, Environment and Economic Development Committee reviews seven non-stimulus bills; New broadband planning director position not justified while elimintating 700 state employees; Senator Clark's bill requires state departments to reduce energy use. 
02-16-09 No applause interrupted Governor's budget presentation; New London and Claremont District Courts consolidation proposed; Four-month budget-balancing process required by constitution; $40 million saved by not filling vacant positions; Steve Wood fills-in for President Lincoln as his Bicentennial birthday celebration lifts grim spirits at the State House
02-08-09 Ray Burton, first sworn-in to Executive Council in 1977, plans to run again next year; Claremont mill buildings renovation beyond hard-hat stage; Tenant Common Man Restaurant and Inn already has room reservations; Asia Colson, Amanda Bastrarche and Dori Yacono recognized at Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) ceremonies; April 9th "crossover day" deadline to complete work on bills.
01-26-09 Bipartisan House Finance Committee votes unanimous support for HB 30... $16+ million reductions to judiciary, state retirement system, legislature, highway fund, outpatient hospital physician charges and Immunodeficiency Virus Protection; State authorized to sweep millions into general fund from dedicated accounts; Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial birthday celebration, Feb. 12
01-20-09 Good legislators stay well-informed; Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL);  obesity jumped 50% in 11 years in NH; Alstead's Conversation with Our Representatives; $20+ million Enterprise Resource Planning slated to replace inadequate 24-year old state budget and general ledger systems by July; Big cost increases in state payroll and benefits means cuts in other areas
01-13-09 Governor Lynch's Inauguration ceremonies; The Governor's speech was an appeal for working together; Final days for House and Senate to sign off on bills and introduction procedures; What happens to old utility poles along Route 10?
12-29-08 16 of 22 House Committees will be chaired by women for next two years; Representative Ricia McMahon (Sutton) will vice chair Legislative Affairs Committee and serve on Executive Departments and Administration Committee; Representatives Randy Foose (New London) and Beverly Rodeschin (Newport) appointed House Finance Committee; Representative Sue Gottling (Sunapee) joined by Tom Howard (Croydon) on Resources, Recreation and Development Committee; Representatives David Kidder (New London) and Tony Maiola (Newport) are on Local and Regulated Revenues Committee newly created in part to deal with gambling bills; Governor Lynch nixes inaugural ball; How grandfather James McIntosh survived the Great Depression
12-22-08 John Brehm and Sullivan Academy graduates; Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) bill and how it works for New Hampshire; Committee reappointments; Comprehensive Cancer Plan Oversight Board "virtually defunded" by budget cuts; State Parks' Council remains active
12-15-08 Senator Lou D'Allesandro, Kevin Clougherty and Bishop Brady High School; Principal Linda Brennerman and Everybody Wins! at Bluff Elementary School in Claremont; City Council meeting; Brian Gottlob, Sturm-Ruger's Tom Sullivan and Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire
12-01-08 Forcast for next Legislative session. Organization Day; Role of very powerful President of the Senate, Sylvia Larsen; $75 million spending reduction decisions; state retirement system addition could have property tax impact; 10-year highway plan substantially reduced; Campbell advocates higher gas tax; will old gambling proposals be brought before the legislature in a new light?
11-23-08 $53.6 million state spending cuts; Lempster Mountain Wind Farm; Christine Nelson of Sutton, and yours truly honored by American Cancer Society; Thanksgiving wish and how the holiday got started by a lady in Newport.
11-16-08 Senate officers chosen; Why Dec. 3 for legislators' swearing-in?; Nation's only female-majority legislature featured on NBC; Newport radio station WCNL recognized at "Salute Breakfast;" National Home Care & Hospice month; Adult Day Out Program; Valley Regional Hospital employees' Child Care Center; Library Arts Center "Gallery of Gifts" reception; Prisoner-made furniture; Claremont Soup Kitchen.
11-12-08 Post-election perspectives; Outlook for our state; Veterans honored
10-08-08 W.S. Badger Co., Customized Structures, Eastern Bridge, Gloenco, Lake Machine Co.; extraordinary leadership; "life skills" and training are workforce issues; Washington Historical Society; Mirage Alpacas; Wool Arts Tour
10-01-08 Stopping by a couple of schools
09-23-08 Heating assistance for some families; Touch a Truck; Chowder Challenge
09-08-08 NH State Senator Bob Odell's Capital Comments
09-01-08 NH State Senator Bob Odell's Capital Comments
08-25-08 NH State Senator Bob Odell's Capital Comments
08-18-08 NH State Senator Bob Odell's Capital Comments
08-12-08 NH State Senator Bob Odell's Capital Comments
08-04-08 NH State Senator Bob Odell's Capital Comments

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04-28-09 Jeff Feingold's Apr. 28, 2009 commentary. "Flushing out the facts."
04-13-09 "Philosopher-lawmaker" John Cebrowski's argument against same-sex marriage bill; “A peanut butter and jelly sandwich can't be anything other than peanut butter and jelly” - Groundbreaking work! 
01-29-09 The old college try: Grafton County Republicans blindsided by  students' votes; Dartmouth junior, Vanessa Sievers, ousts Carol Elliott as Grafton County Treasurer; "Darmouth Effect" whining; Obama-Sununu ballots; Jenni Stebbins says "shame and a sham;" "toying with democracy?"
11-20-08 Anger mismanagement - Polls, bombast and "worst governor?"
10-08-08 Emerging from under the bed to assess the damage... so far. 

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Patricia "Ricia" McMahon - NH House of Representatives

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06-26-09 Wadleigh State Park's future - update and meeting report where more than 80 Kearsarge area residents attended. Steve Enroth, chair of the North Sutton Improvement Society (NSIS) convened the meeting. Also attending were representatives of  Friends of Wadleigh State Park, Kezar Lake Protective Association, Musterfield Farm, Sutton Ballfield Group, the three Sutton Board of Selectmen, business owners, law enforcement, school personnel, conservation and recreation enthusiasts.
04-30-09 The Wild Goose Double Trailered Boat Launch Project was a topic of discussion at a recent meeting of the Governor and Executive Council. Fish and Game has expanded original plans. Estimate is now $1.2 million. Lake Sunapee Protective Association and Town of Newbury file strong opposition. Are there acceptable alternatives?

09-23-08 Thank you for your support in the primary; Fuel and weatherization assistance legislation 
07-08-08 Newbury Selectmen

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08-27-11 Marie Lozito's Aug. 27, 2011 commentary.
08-18-11 Marie Lozito's Aug. 18, 2011 commentary.
08-14-11 Marie Lozito's Aug. 14, 2011 commentary.
08-06-11 Marie Lozito's Aug. 6, 2011 commentary.
07-31-11 Marie Lozito's July 31, 2011 commentary.
07-22-11 Marie Lozito's July 22, 2011 commentary.
07-15-11 Marie Lozito's July 15, 2011 commentary.
07-08-11 Marie Lozito's July 8, 2011 commentary.
07-01-11 Marie Lozito's July 1, 2011 commentary.
06-25-11 Marie Lozito's June 25, 2011 commentary.
06-17-11 Marie Lozito's June 17, 2011 commentary.
06-11-11 Marie Lozito's June 11, 2011 commentary.
06-04-11 Marie Lozito's June 4, 2011 commentary.
05-27-11 Marie Lozito's May 27, 2011 commentary.
05-21-11 Marie Lozito's May 21, 2011 commentary.
05-14-11 Marie Lozito's May 14, 2011 commentary.
05-07-11 Marie Lozito's May 7, 2011 commentary.
04-29-11 Marie Lozito's Apr. 29, 2011 commentary.
04-24-11 Marie Lozito's Apr. 24, 2011 commentary.
04-15-11 Marie Lozito's Apr. 15, 2011 commentary.
04-09-11 Marie Lozito's Apr. 9, 2011 commentary.
04-03-11 Marie Lozito's Apr. 3, 2011 commentary.
03-25-11 Marie Lozito's Mar. 25, 2011 commentary.
03-18-11 Marie Lozito's Mar. 18, 2011 commentary.
03-12-11 Marie Lozito's Mar. 12, 2011 commentary.
03-04-11 Marie Lozito's Mar. 4, 2011 commentary.
02-25-11 Marie Lozito's Feb. 25, 2011 commentary.
02-18-11 Marie Lozito's Feb. 18, 2011 commentary.
02-12-11 Marie Lozito's Feb. 12, 2011 commentary.
02-07-11 Marie Lozito's Feb. 7, 2011 commentary.
02-01-11 Marie Lozito's Feb. 1, 2011 commentary.
01-23-11 Marie Lozito's Jan. 23, 2011 commentary.
01-16-11 Marie Lozito's Jan. 16, 2011 commentary.
01-09-11 Marie Lozito's Jan. 9, 2011 commentary.
01-01-11 Marie Lozito's Jan. 1, 2011 commentary.
12-29-10 Marie Lozito's Dec. 29, 2010 commentary.
12-19-10 Marie Lozito's Dec. 19, 2010 commentary.
12-14-10 Marie Lozito's Dec. 14, 2010 commentary.
12-08-10 Marie Lozito's Dec. 8, 2010 commentary.
12-04-10 Marie Lozito's Dec. 4, 2010 commentary.
11-20-10 Marie Lozito's Nov. 20, 2010 commentary.
11-12-10 Marie Lozito's Nov. 12, 2010 commentary.
11-01-10 Marie Lozito's Nov. 1, 2010 commentary.

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Steve Winter - NH House of Representatives

07-27-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 27, 2012 column "Final Before Elections"
07-16-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 16, 2012 column "Veto Overrides"
07-04-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 4, 2012 column "Foose Attack on the Speaker"
07-01-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 1, 2012 column "Attack Ads and Special Interests"
06-24-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 24, 2012 column "Filing and Biography"
06-16-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 16, 2012 column "Memorial Day"
06-04-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 4, 2012 column "Committee of Conference"
05-30-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 30, 2012 column "Long Sessions"
05-18-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 18, 2012 column "CACR 12"
05-12-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 12, 2012 column "Council"
05-05-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 5, 2012 column "Debt and Taxes - Illinois"
05-01-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 1, 2012 column "Redress of Grievances"
04-28-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 28, 2012 column "Moderation"
04-12-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 12, 2012 column "You win some, you lose some"
04-08-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 8, 2012 column "Two Significant Bills"
03-31-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 31, 2012 column "Not the Party Line II"
03-25-12 NH Representative  Steve Winter's Mar. 25, 2012 column "Corrections and Controversey"
03-18-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 18, 2012 column "Contraceptives and Marijuana"
03-11-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 11, 2012 column "Primary Voters"
03-06-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 6, 2012 column "Specialty Hospitals"
03-01-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 1, 2012 column "Blurbs"
02-26-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 26, 2012 column "Stupid Bills"
02-11-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 11, 2012 column "New London Hospital"
02-04-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 4, 2012 column "Constituent Services"
01-29-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 29, 2012 column "Two Significant Events"
01-21-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 21, 2012 column "Process Open to Constituents"
01-14-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 14, 2012 column "The Truth About Redistricting"
01-07-12 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 7, 2012 column "Licensing"
12-30-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Dec. 30, 2011 column "The Blessings of NH"
12-24-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Dec. 24, 2011 column "The First Year"
12-17-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Dec. 17, 2011 column "Redistricting - Part 2"
12-08-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Dec. 8, 2011 column "Redistricting - Part 1"
12-03-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Dec. 3, 2011 column "CACR 14 - Comparison"
11-25-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Nov. 25, 2011 column "Series - CACR 14 - Oops"
11-19-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Nov. 19, 2011 column "CACR 12 - Claremont Decisions"
11-12-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Nov. 12, 2011 column "Who Pays Taxes"
11-05-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Nov. 5, 2011 column "What is in Store for 2012"
10-28-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Oct. 28, 2011 column "Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Partiers"
10-22-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Oct. 22, 2011 column "Obstructionism"
10-15-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Oct. 15, 2011 columns "Not the Party Line" and " No Downshifting"
10-01-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Oct. 1, 2011 column "Does the Legislature Work all year"
09-24-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Sep. 24, 2011 columns "American Jobs Act" and "Commemorating 9-11"
09-12-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Sept. 12, 2011 column, "Leadership"
09-02-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Sept. 2, 2011 column, "Reason and the Tea Party"
08-26-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Aug. 26, 2011 column, "A Republic and its Partisanship"
08-20-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Aug. 20, 2011 column, "Regulating the Regulators"
08-12-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Aug. 12, 2011 column, "Stimulus and Bailout"
08-06-11 NH Repesentative Steve Winter's Aug. 6, 2011 column, "Mediscam"
07-29-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 29, 2011 column, "Isolationism and Immigration"
07-22-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 22, 2011 column, "Raising the Debt Ceiling"
07-15-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 15, 2011 column, "A Good Plan".
07-08-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 8, 2011 column, "The Governor's Vetoes"
07-02-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's July 2, 2011 column, "Why we are Broke"
06-25-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 25, 2011 column, "Vetoes and Dirty Tricks"
06-18-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 18, 2011 column, "Committees of Conference"
06-11-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 11, 2011 column, "Down Shifting"
06-08-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 8, 2011 column "Broad Based Taxes"
06-04-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's June 4, 2011 column "Special Interests"
05-24-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 24, 2011 column "Constituent Mail"
05-14-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 14, 2011 column "The Great Experiment"
05-08-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's May 8, 2011 column "5¢ Gas Tax Reduction"
04-29-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 29, 2011 column "Right to Work"
04-22-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 22, 2011 column "The Budget's Final Process"
04-15-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 15, 2011 column "Disgusted with HB 1"
04-05-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Apr. 5, 2011 column "The New Hampshire Budget"
03-29-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 29, 2011 column "Public Employee Status Quo"
03-15-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 15, 2011 column "Death Penalty"
03-08-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 8, 2011 column "Pension Problems Pt. 2"
03-01-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Mar. 1, 2011 column "Pension Problems Pt. 1"
02-22-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 22, 2011 column "Governor's Budget"
02-15-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 15 column "Retirement Cuts".
 02-08-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 8, 2011 column "Constituent Mail".
02-01-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Feb. 1, 2011 column "Controversial Bills".
01-18-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 18, 2011 column "Focus Like a Laser".
01-15-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 15, 2011 column "Statewide Property Tax"
01-11-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 11, 2011 column "What's Going On?"
01-04-11 NH Representative Steve Winter's Jan. 4, 2011 column "The People's House". 


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Spec Bowers - Sullivan County GOP Chairman

08-23-13 Spec Bowers' Aug. 23, 2013 column.
08-05-13 Spec Bowers' Aug. 5, 2013 column.
07-21-13 Spec Bowers' July 21, 2013 column.
07-07-13 Spec Bowers' July 7, 2013 column.
06-23-13 Spec Bowers' June 23, 2013 column.
06-16-13 Spec Bowers' June 16, 2013 column.
06-10-13 Spec Bowers' June 10, 2013 column.
06-02-13 Spec Bowers' June 2, 2013 column.
05-26-13 Spec Bowers' May 26, 2013 column.
05-20-13 Spec Bowers' May 20, 2013 column.
05-14-13 Spec Bowers' May 14, 2013 column.
05-07-13 Spec Bowers' May 7, 2013 column.
04-28-13 Spec Bowers' Apr. 28, 2013 column.
04-21-13 Spec Bowers' Apr. 21, 2013 column.
04-14-13 Spec Bowers' Apr. 14, 2013 column.
04-06-13 Spec Bowers' Apr. 6, 2013 column.
03-31-13 Spec Bowers' Mar. 31, 2013 column.
03-30-13 Spec Bowers' Mar. 30, 2013 column.
03-16-13 Spec Bowers' Mar. 16, 2013 column.
03-09-13 Spec Bowers' Mar. 9, 2013 column.
03-03-13 Spec Bowers' Mar. 3, 2013 column.
02-24-13 Spec Bowers' Feb. 24, 2013 column.
02-16-13 Spec Bowers' Feb. 16, 2013 column.
02-05-13 Spec Bowers' Feb. 5, 2013 column.
01-07-13 Spec Bowers' Jan. 7, 2013 column.

Spec Bowers' Jan. 1, 2013 column.

12-09-12 NH Representative Spec Bowers' Dec. 9, 2012 column.
09-30-12 NH Representative Spec Bowers' Sep. 30, 2012 column.
09-16-12 NH Representative Spec Bowers' Sep. 16, 2012 column.


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Steve Smith - NH House of Representatives

05-25-13 Representative Steve Smith's May 25, 2013 column.
03-31-13 Representative Steve Smith's Mar. 31, 2013 column.


Representative Steve Smith's Mar. 22, 2013 column.


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Newbury - (Argus-Champion newspaper)

07-30-08 Farewell and Hello
04-24-08 (Argus-Champion) Diner destinations at 52MPG; Mt.Sunapee Resort delivers donated food 
04-17-08 (Argus-Champion) 48 babies and a "perfect butt" ... Barbara Fisher, professional braider
04-09-08 (Argus-Champion) Grand Slam Poetry Jam at Newbury library 
03-29-08 (Argus-Champion) Crazy weather good for sugaring 
03-12-08 (Argus-Champion) Minister-playwright Greg Marshall in South Newbury; About your roof  
02-26-08 (Argus-Champion) "Dr. John" rescues neglected transmissions
02-20-08 (Argus-Champion) Center Meetinghouse begins above-ground restoration 
02-20-08 (Argus-Champion) "Junior Zookeeper Encounter" at the library 
02-16-08 (Argus-Champion) Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club's radar run 
02-13-08 (Argus-Champion) Crossing paths on a small planet 


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